Time as we know it is of course imploding on itself and recognition of time is also becoming quite an illusionary and illusive pastime. Measuring today's actual 'real time' would account for only or approximately13 or so hours, than the old 24 hour day, where one would have enjoyed more space and far less effort to complete the days tasks and reposing at leisure with quite some real quality time to play! Everything is obviously speeding up and everything also is lightening up as the continuing energy inputs are gradually endowing all upon the beloved planet with an ever rising vibration or quality of expression.

Gone is the time when the patterning of each day could be quite acceptable and predicable for the 'old energies' of yesteryear were quite uniform and the playing field was more or less the same for each match that ensued. Those days of course have fast receded into the trash bin and the new format is very much in usage in practically all areas of expression. The greater issue where this is prominent is most surely with the 'power of the people,' as human kind is at last taking back it's sacred right 'to Be' and it's divine right to be counted. In these current times has the clock switched to fast forward and all and every -one on or in the planet stirs to awaken from that long awaited awakening!

The evolving manifestation upon our beloved planet are aligning also with a universe, too, that is fast readjusting as the scales of justice and re-balance are coming more frequently into play in this vast arena of ascending realities. We are soon to reach the pace and the space where all things are to rapidly expand into an uplift of energies that will lift us into a far lighter fifth density, leaving behind this '3rd plus' density we are currently in, yet only just therein. This year 2012 is a year of endings and new beginnings, where all the old or obsolete ways will gradually begin to ebb away as we truly 'lighten up' and all that is not of fifth dimensional frequency will find it extremely difficult to be able to survive in the higher vibrations.

This infamous year of 2012 is but a precursor, or start date, of this continuing ascension process which will most likely continue for a decade or so, until all and every single one upon the planet finally makes his or her choice, whether to 'step into the light' and ascend with our beloved planet into the fourth / fifth lighter density or choosing to stay in a similar 3rd density reality. There has been many varied speculations as to how long the ascension process takes or will take, or how many souls will choose to raise up, or to stay as they are in familiar 3rd reality. This is why the Masters and the Hierarchies cannot relate how many will choose where to be, 3rd or 5th! It will not be a known figure until after the 2012 end/begin date, and as afore-stated, for up to a decade or so as any 'straggler' is given every chance to make up their minds to ascend.

If the choice is to ascend then so be it, they will indeed be on the new earth as a planet of greater light and higher truths and where no negativity or dark souls will be able to survive. All dear ones that choose to stay "as they are" will be transferred to another third dimensional planet(s) where they will feel more at ease and more at home. Also, when the time is right once again, will they be given the opportunity to ascend at a later date in the earths continuing progression. Everything is in perfect divine order and 'like will always attract like,' for the universe is ever immaculate in caring for each and every soul.

Let us all look truly at self and see the angel that looks back at you with only love and understanding. Let us perceive all with wide open hearts and minds as we use this current year of 2012 in getting rid of all those old habits, fears and doubts. Let us utilize this penultimate year with an inner desire to put to rest once and for all or any resentments, jealousy or ego based thoughts that need simply washing away with the violet / silver ray of Germain and Portia, transmuting all into clear energy once again.

Let us consciously make every effort to forgive and forget any injustice that you hang onto, either of self or from another. Let all go, Let Go Let God. This is the most important year of your lives so please beloved friends, make the most of every minute, seeing only the good and the light in all and everyone. So be it. This Is Your Life!

(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom.

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