As the darkness struggles to smother the world and force it to succumb to its power, it is more important than ever that we not only increase the strength of our light within, but we must go about spreading it as well. In war the end battles are usually the most fierce for both sides know one must win and the other must lose.

Nobody ever wants to lose and so the fight to the death is always the most poignant stage of the battle. The darkness does not wish to lose its control over the world but as most of us feel, it is time they do so. Their battle will most probably be fierce and so we must do our part to save humanity by adding our light into the world through our hearts. We must shine our heart light whenever and wherever we can, in every dark, musty corner of the world.

We must shine so brightly as a whole that the earth appears as a glowing orb from space. Let us become a radiant beacon of heart light that illuminates the entire universe.

So how do you spread light some may ask. By our love within our hearts, by our ability to end all judgments of others(greed, hate, control, jealousy etc.), by opening our hearts and minds to all possibilities, accepting all beings as equals and love ourselves. We cannot love others until we learn to accept and love ourselves. I always say, probably to the point of driving others crazy, TURN OFF your television sets!!!!

They are machines designed to pump fear into your lives and keep you isolated from love! Do NOT listen to the news and all the garbage lies they throw at you. The truth in the world can be found within if we listen to ourselves, listen to what our intuitions are telling us. We are so trained to believe what we are being told we have turned off our intuitions. Switch them back on and plug back into them!

When your senses are allowed to flourish and become heightened we can feel the truth, the right direction to take, the right decision to make. Connect back to it!

We must become like fireflies zipping about and lighting up the darkness. We must share our awakened knowledge with sleeping ones who wish to learn the truth.

Remember, we cannot force someone to awaken, it must be in their own time, they must desire to know. I know that I started this blog site with the 'soul' purpose of awakening slumbering souls who may stumble in my door. There are many ways we can spread our light and love about. Think hard and you will find a way.

Giving to others in need magnifies our light many times over so that is an excellent way. Test the waters wherever you go and if it is dark and oppressed feeling, mention love and light and the importance of projecting it into the world right now.

If their eyes cross and they look at you like you are crazy, stop. Go no further. It is not their time for learning. On the other hand if they ask questions you know you have the green light to proceed and offer them your knowledge.

People who watch the nightly news faithfully are very asleep I am afraid, for in order for them to watch the incessant lies they must believe them. They haven't got a clue what their own Government is doing to them. They are the hardest nut to crack. I have a whole list of links on my site to alternative and spiritual sites. Write those down and hand them out to those willing to do a bit of researching on the internet. If they are they stand a chance of waking up, if not , again leave them be.

While it is most helpful if we can awaken others, it really is most crucial that we awaken and clear and heal ourselves first. All change in the world begins at home. So if we work hard on ourselves and spread our illumination like fireflies flickering over flowering pastures on a summer's night, then we have done our part in helping to move this shift along.

If we envision waking others up, if we envision ourselves becoming awake and loving beings, if we envision love spreading throughout the world and peace emerging where once there was war, we will manifest that vision into our realities. Now buzz off and light up your world around you!

Blessings to you all,


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