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Further to this message, I would like to add (rather than starting a new thread about it) something I had in meditation yesterday. This is a copy/paste from a private message to a friend here on this site:

"Huge meditation yesterday. It was apparently all about the pole shift (something I'd pretty much written off due to the fact that that camp is manned by total lunatics) and the Earth changes that will ensue. We're going to see a rise in earthquakes and volcano eruptions soon, though I'm going back today to the spot where I was meditating yesterday to do some more work. I'm working with Earth on a very deep and intimate level right now. It feels good.

At the end of the meditation, something quite interesting happened. I was standing on a huge boulder just by the water's edge. I felt as though I were being pushed to go to a horizontal position, but not to lie down, rather to pick up my feet. I said (telepathically) "If I do that, I will fall and break my teeth and nose, you know." I got back the answer "Is that so, or is that your belief?" I still had the feeling that I was being pushed over but also that my feet were being pulled out from under me. I could not let go of my belief that I would fall though, so I missed a grand opportunity because of this inability to let go. But I'm leaving now to go back there. It won't happen again, but I need to meditate on this thing fully now. The gates are opening."

The obvious point is that we must all shake off the shackles of our belief systems from the most fundamental levels in order to attain complete freedom. Why do the laws of physics work differently at the subatomic level than they do for us at this level? Do you ever wonder about that? Why can we not directly view certain particles? Why do they or their actions change upon observation? Is this why we believe we must fall unless our feet are under us? It's the first thing we learn when we land on this planet, isn't it? Can we unlearn this? By doing so, will we be more in tune with the true nature of existence and the physics that govern it - or will we just fall on our faces?
Thank you for sharing this, inspirational to me, brother. I feel glad you can share an experience like this. It is all a matter of personal realization, hard to truly let go and embrace a limitless reality construct. good luck