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Thread: Has anyone else noticed this

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    Has anyone else noticed this

    Hi every one. This I my first post on this site.

    One day while decorating my bedroom in early 2003 I happened to glance out of the window and see a plane drawing a huge, what I thought at the time was an unusually big con trail. At the time I had limited knowledge of why these things where produced but what struck me was a short while later another plane did the same thing, then another and another until the perfectly clear blue sky was turned overcast and grey. As I had know idea what I was looking at it passed my gaze and I carried on with my decorating. The next day was as the day before, the sky was a lovely azure blue. I got up early so I could finish the decorating and go have a game of golf. As I painted the window, I saw yet again a huge con trail, "as I thought" spreading over the clear sky. By the time I had finished the decorating and got my self to the golf course the day had become, as the day before a dreary grey. At the time I had no opinion on this.

    In November of 2009 I returned from a year in New Zealand. In that year I met some pretty switched on people, one of which introduced me to the New Zealand uncensored magazine uncensored.co.nz/. Being fascinated by the UFO phenomenon and 9 11, I read every one of these publications and ended up with a brain full questions. One article which spoke to me was the one about chemtrails. When reading that article, it brought back to mind the 2003 incident. I didn’t see any of these things in NZ but on my way home on the plane the aircraft I was on was spraying a brown spray from under the wing. First I thought it was exhaust from the engine but it kept going on and off.

    When I got back to the UK I was shocked at how bad this problem is in the skies over London. So I started to watch the sky. I have witnessed every day for these past months, planes cris-crossing the sky leaving what ever they are spraying trailing behind it. But the weird thing now is, It’s stopped I haven’t seen a trail in at least 2 weeks. Can any one comment on this.
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