Obama blows with 'geo-engineering' chemtrails theory new life
Saturday, April 11, 2009

The announcement of the government that Obama will examine "geo-engineering ', the influence of the weather, possibly the warming of the Earth can prevent you, a new impetus to have been circulating on the internet for rumors and theories that such programs has long exported in the form of chem trails.

Chem Trails would ordinary container rails "(the track aircraft at high altitude leave, and that usually evaporates quickly) because the differences often hangs for hours. They would be caused by back-and-weather flying aircraft, a kind of grid or diamond pattern in the air behind them, the bright blue sky turns into a misty haze.
When asked why this type of program, as this has long existed, to be concealed to the public, the answer is simple: the chem trails would detect high concentrations of heavy toxic metals that are harmful to health.
Chem Trails years were mainly feed for conspiracy theory buffs, but in recent years are increasingly viewed by the mainstream media attention. In the U.S. discovered the TV station KSLA-News last year after its own research (see movie about 4 minutes) that particles from chem trails on Earth were high concentrations of barium, lead and other heavy, sometimes toxic metals (such as arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver).

KSLA The research focused in particular barium, in which the chem trails particles three to six times the maximum allowable amount was found. The short-term effects of exposure to a high concentration of barium ranges from stomach to chest pain, and long-term causes blood pressure problems and a weakened immune system.

Obama's announcement that explores or "geo-engineering" the warming of the Earth can prevent you by "particles in the upper atmosphere to shoot it to reflect sunlight, does conclude that some chemtrails actually proof that there are many years of experiments in this field.

It is noteworthy that the elite Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a notorious part of the 'New World Order', exactly the same idea recently raised in the report 'Geo-engineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geo-engineering . It states that in the lower parts of the atmosphere, more clouds will come, as in the higher parts of the atmosphere the sunlight by small particles will be reflected back into space. Similarly, according to the report objects in space can be placed between the Earth and the Sun, which also will have to ward off the sun.
The proposals in the CFR document correspond exactly with the atmospheric effects that are observed after chem trails. In the following, over 8-minute video summary, a number of clear images from aircraft, chemtrails cause. In addition, two short films (2 1 / 2 minute, 2 minutes), which show how a plane suddenly starts with 'spraying', and (in the 2nd movie), during the flight to stop. In normal 'container rails' is impossible. It is therefore something deliberately sprayed into the air.

KSLA discovered evidence that between 1949 and 1969 biochemical substances intentionally over 239 populated areas (see small movie 4 minutes). These findings attract the chemtrails theory 'from the shadowy world of conspiracy, which the ignorant people as guinea pigs for the army would be used. Some propose that it intended to make people ill, to later more easily able to 'disappear'.

Chem Trails: counterproductive
The bitter of the whole story is that 'global warming' as the basis of the 'official' statement, not only by far the most serious scientists-including not a few former supporters of this theory is disputed, but there is increasing evidence that the Earth is just enormously cool. Thus, the average global temperature in 2007 so hard that in one fell swoop all the warming in recent decades, where the 'global warming' fanatics so that screens of proceedings. But that, like chem trails, officially dead silence, because it is not in the plans of the politicians.
Astronomers are already convinced that the temperature on Earth will decline. This conclusion on the basis of solar activity, which have been proved at least 95% responsible for climate change. The sun is not in any century as' quiet 'if in the last year, though some astronomers believe that it is a calm before a huge storm, which in 2012 would have to explode.
The scientist James Marusek, formerly employed by the U.S. Navy said recently that the silence of the Sun is a dangerous sign of a sudden sharp decline in global temperatures.

"Climate change is caused by nature. It always has been. The science-not the fake science that 'global warming' advocates, we have slowly fundamental secrets of nature reveals. " Marusek explains that a NASA satellite has detected that the magnetic field of the Sun, which protects the Earth from harmful cosmic radiation is significantly weakened (see link below). The increased amount of cosmic particles ionize small moisture particles in our atmosphere, which further clouds that block sunlight. This will increase the temperature on Earth is just going to fall.

"The temperature is already declining," says Marusek, which relies on the most reliable data exist, namely those of satellites. Satellites record, in contrast to the ground where the 'global warming' supporters on base, temperature changes across the Earth. And to show that average temperature since 1998, a half-degree drop.

An average temperature drop on Earth has much more severe consequences than a temperature increase. Lower temperatures will harvest seasons are shorter and the weather will deteriorate significantly, which also will cause much crop damage. Result: massive famines, which millions of people will die. Also, periods of lower temperatures in the past ensured the outbreak of many epidemics.
Conclusion: planned genocide?

It seems so strong, that the Government Obama, and in its wake the whole Western world, the process of temperature decrease, with serious consequences, one hand does help. This not only cost hundreds of billions, but has terrible consequences for humans, animals and nature.
It can hardly be otherwise, whether this be a diabolical plan behind it. Maybe it has to do with the "first commandment" of the New World Order, as it is unashamedly chiseled in the Georgia Guide Stones': 'Bring the world back to a maximum of 500 million people, which means that over 6 billion people on somehow 'hidden' to be.
This "first commandment" has been actively pursued, we see in our own society, especially back in the environmental movement, which-especially behind the scenes as a docile doll to the strings of the elite dance, in its goal to not only the progress of society to stop, but subordinate to the fallacy that 'nature' is mentioned (suggestion: perhaps the environmental activists but is voluntary, the first of those 6 billion, sacrifice).

Even more tragic is when we will, as astronomers and serious scientists are right, with its all just going to be stone cold. I think I can get some more in the car for some extra Co2 in the atmosphere pumps. Can we ever desperately need to go .*
* The amount of Co2 in the atmosphere is in the same period the temperature a half degree declined by 5% to 386 ppm. Incidentally, this value is many times lower than ever in the past on Earth, and even a doubling hardly any noticeable effects. It is thus with all his extra car mileage and - lots ...

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