What are "chemtrails"?
Saturday, May 9, 2009

What are "chemtrails"? According to one chem trails like container rails (contraction of Condensation and trail) that appear behind the plane at high altitude between 8 and 10 kilometers, where more than 40 degrees of frost. It would be a perfectly normal phenomenon which occurs for decades, as long as there is traffic. The other 2 are very different phenomena. What's the difference? There are several differences, but the most important is the life and behavior of such a trail. Is it always been like that every day here and there as a flight line can be seen that day and hang gigantic growing? No, in ideal weather conditions, in exceptional cases, a container rail than 20 minutes remain visible, not hours. Worldwide, chem trail phenomenon will fall since late November 1998 and there is a new phenomenon was born. Of course you will hear nothing in the mainstream media and you have to do with the Internet as an information source.

But this is not a very unreliable source?
But we do not have sense for us to find out what is crap and what is not? If it is not difficult, we need only to think back to 'before'.

Unfortunately we are unable to right behind a sproeiend device to collect samples, we will be in other ways investigations. A fun (and effective) example: in the USA have been examined with 'Flight Explorer' (software for all container rail behind making aircraft to be identified) which sets chemtrails left and container rails. For example, one Mark Steadham in Texas during the winter of 2000 found that stripes left by identifiable commercial aircraft average 22 seconds remained. The thicker stripes left by military aircraft in the same airspace at the same time had a lifespan of 4 to 8 hours! Also, the difference in flight activity on days when the lines are and where still not huge.

Ok, set, deliberately Daily solids in our airspace sprays using aircraft, but why would 'they' want to do that now?

Answer: NO IDEA. There are a number of theories, some more credible than others. A few common:
To reduce the greenhouse effect, the rapid degradation of ecosystems by ozone hole to close and terrestrial life to protect against infrared, ultraviolet and cosmic radiation from space.
To return to the world to modify and the greenhouse effect, using synthetic cloud precipitation to make arrangements.
For defense purposes: to hide from air and satellite observation, for new military communications systems to facilitate, to defend against incoming ICBM's, (combined with ELF and EMP waves), to military 3D imaging systems.
Mass vaccination or genetically manipulated without the knowledge of the population.
As a vehicle for mind control.
The sterilization in conjunction with HAARP of areas biogiffen and poisoned with toxic fungi.
For the U.S. to scenes of the ELF / Scalar weather control transmissions from Russia and China.
For electromagnetic mind Contol technologies enable humanity physically, mentally and spiritually to subdue and control.
As a vehicle for the world to a New World Order for the acceptable level.
If combination of the above, since these technical applications for multiple targets to use.

The only thing "they can always do this kind of phenomena to the ridiculous as soon as possible to determine whether to leave, it is by ensuring that there is enough nonsense on the Internet around, or so-called 'disinfo'. Some characters make jokes about this soon, this will, for example, by an earlier theory as Mind Control, as a theory that deals with weather influence. There are several good sites on this phenomenon, several good researchers and a number of forums. In the years that the chemtrails phenomenon exists, I have not once experienced pilot with first and last is it to see / hear to intervene quickly to completely eliminate this' nonsense '. However, the opposite, some of which declare that what we see every day, no container rails can be (example).

To conclude this brief introduction I would like to mention William Thomas. This is a Canadian journalist specializing in health and the environment. Read more about him (in English). He is now six years with the subject chemtrails busy. View his website for even more information, including a trailer for his docu "Chemtrails Mystery Lines In The Sky". For a reading of Thomas for the American Working TV you can here in four parts to download, highly recommended.

Another researcher who has done much work and is immediately good documentary is CliffordCarnicom. Even a meteorologist with enough experience, there is a website started: see

Personally, I find it very unfortunate that the general mind is so terribly short, with this type of business ASAP to nonsense described without longer to look beyond the nose short. Often people react very emotionally immediately (via the Internet at least) and insulting. Listen not to this group of poor people and self-ga on research. Chem Trails are no nonsense, chem trails are reality. Early studies with skepticism that is healthy, but not reject something without having gained some knowledge which is available at several good sites, mainly in English. I try my bit to contribute, but unfortunately I do not have the resources nor the time to full-time study, or had I known it.

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