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It has been eight long years since phantom spray planes first appeared in the skies above our heads. This was in summer of 1998. Since then, there has been a ongoing high level campaign of discreditidation and ridicule directed at anyone who points out the strange anomalies occurring above.

Today, chemtrails are still being sprayed into the atmosphere world wide. The media and scientific poobahs continue to ignore the facts and eagerly assist in covering up the evidence. As a result we continue to suffer from the deleterious effects of global atmospheric modification.

I do find it interesting, however, that the Lightwatcher's H.O.S. site continues to generate more and more hits (up to 14,000 per day) - greater than any of LW.com's other sibling sites. This is an indicator that the topic is far from dead and buried.It occurs to me that more and more individuals are waking up from the hypnotic trance resulting from the traumatic events of the past few years. They are looking up at the butt-ugly artificial clouds above and questioning: "What is wrong with this picture?" Then they are Googling the topic online and finding a wealth of information in the alternative media, such as LW's Chemtrails Hall of Shame, carnicom.com, rense.com, and many others.

When the same individuals next turn to mainstream media and search GoogleNews for current news on Chemtrails - they get nothing, not one single shred of information. How interesting - mountains of information in the alternative media and zero data in mainstream media. Hmmmmm.... Could it be that mainstream media is making Herculean efforts to suppress this information? One would think that mainstream media would at least report on the "bizarre fringe conspiracy theories." But there is nothing, nada, and zip.

Time will tell. And when the truth finally does come out, and the public outrage over this environmental holocaust emerges, we will remember those who withheld the truth. Oh yes -- we will remember every official debunker, every climatologist and every Air Force spokesman who intentionally lied to a vulnerable public.