Thursday, February 03, 2011 8:58
How long will we be polluted and blocked from the sun? It's enough!!!

by Zen Gardner
OK, they want photos. So, let's send them photos! The following article from an Atlanta CBS affiliate (I know..) ran a piece and is claiming to want to know more. So, let's give it to them.
Here's the story excerpt from the intelhub post on BIN today:
"Looks like the subject of chemtrails got some mainstream coverage out of Atlanta when a local CBS affiliate ran a story televising details.
CBS – “These are literally crimes against humanity, nature,” said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick.
CBS is requesting pictures to be sent to them of chemtrails along with comments.
CBS Atlanta wants your chemtrail pictures. Send them to
Send away, people! I've sent a big batch and they've posted them! Maybe someone will listen!
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