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Thread: Chemtrails Halted for Navy Fest, U.S. Open and...Obama

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    Chemtrails Halted for Navy Fest, U.S. Open and...Obama

    'Surprise. Military brass don't like chemtrails either. So they stopped them for 3 days in San Diego this week while they enjoyed their multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded festivities. Sort of the Oscars for the military elite you might say.

    Besides, while setting up with exotic boats and planes, bringing in dignitaries and the like, you'd hate to have pesky hazy, toxic days for your guests and families. And while the elaborate air show was going on it wouldn't be convenient to be competing with other Navy/NATO/covert aerosol planes, normally seen almost daily spraying the vicinity, state, country and world, would it?'

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    Re: Chemtrails Halted for Navy Fest, U.S. Open and...Obama

    Ya, so if chemtrails aren't real, then why the hell is it that so conveniently they ain't happening for that short period? Air traffic in general wasn't stopped, so why are there suddenly no trails? Chemtrails obviously exist and anyone who doesn't believe so needs to get their head out of their ass and start paying attention!!!!

    Chemtrails are obviously harmful if the big boys can't handle them and don't want them anywhere near them!!

    Whether its for haarp, genetic modification, cancer, slow death in whatever manner, doesn't matter much. I think its for all the above and more.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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