German Pilot Describes Chemtrails Being Spread

Sat Oct 31, 2009
this news piece is from a german site that been subjected to google translate... so pls bear with it

Pilot monitoring the production of chemtrails by 2 C-17 Globemaster cargo planes in 6000 m height over Germany

Description of a commercial jet pilot

View from the Cockpit

The rapporteur met with the editor of this website several months ago. Sometime during the 2 hour discussion progressed, I asked what profession he carried on. Only after some insistence became apparent that he was working professionally in the cockpit as a pilot. I then gently brought the topic to chemtrails and asked him if he this term and the underlying assumptions that we are dealing with artificially-produced chemical contrails, are known. Then came first hesitantly, "Yes, I have a lot to the Internet read ". When I made it clear that I am the editor of the website http://www.chemtrails-was, and wanted to know how he stands and what he may have even seen from the cockpit, he told me: "I first doubted whether the arguments of those reports that over chemtrails correspond mainly to be distributed on the Internet, the facts. But then I will personally experienced something that I now believe that chemicals sprayed from aircraft, which produce those enduring 'contrails', which we call chemtrails - for any purpose whatsoever . Since I did not take notes during the conversation, and wanted to clarify some details, I asked the pilots a few weeks later, at a detailed record of what happened. The written description was made on 17.08.09 is reproduced below as a literal transcript.
Strange climb instructions by flight control center

"After taking off from Frankfurt airport ... we were in route climb north of Nuremberg.
It was around 14.00 clock in the afternoon. The visibility was very good, we did not fly through clouds. On the day there was an extensive low pressure system located over Germany.
In passing through one of around 11-12.000 foot is then passed to the next radar sector ', which then gives further climb free. These shares'll be finding generally handled quite generous. We shall then by 'Munich Radar' is usually released on the same flight next area 250, that is 25,000 feet.
Not so on this day. The following releases were made in 1000 always increments. That was then, the statement of the radar controllers 'Climb 14,000 feet', then the next 'Climb 15,000 feet', 'Climb 16,000 feet'.
We knew that we had to decide on an air traffic which have approximately the same flight path had to, but could not or would grow more slowly than we ourselves could have done.

On the so-called TCAS (Traffic Collision and Avoidance System), a monitoring tool with which you can watch the skies for one's own plane around, then we noticed a traffic on our right and a little ahead of us. The weather was good, we were visually watch for the expected traffic crossing over us. This was not long in coming.

Chemtrailsausbringung by 2 cargo aircraft of the type C-17 Globemaster from the wings

It was a heavy transport aircraft of the American type C-17 Globemaster at a height of 18,000 feet. (6000 m)
Based on our observation of the sky using the TCAS system, we suspected that a machine of this type in a few miles farther apart in the same amount behind. This we could not form visually, and I am sure that a second machine was available.
What do we make up accounts but was that the plane a thick 'contrails' left behind. At this altitude and the prevailing season a 'not to be expected phenomenon. Planes that were flying in dense airspace and were still much higher still see clearly, or to be contrails behind them. So it HAS to have it done here, at an output of substances, which can not be explained by the conventional engine exhaust.
(Addendum to note: At the oral argument previously made decidedly description, I asked the pilot whether the banding is 17erfolgt from the engines of the Globemaster C-. He replied: "Absolutely not!" The substances of which depicted the Chemtrails formed, so came from nozzles in the wings of the cargo planes, probably in the range of engines)

Other observations made in this regard pilots Chemtrailszunahme

In my daily professional life (as a pilot's note) I notice that this 'spraying' grow significantly. This spreading operations, which are referred to by the media, often referred to as 'high Nebelfelder' I've seen all summer of 2009 on, mostly at altitudes of about 18,000 -35,000 feet (6000 - 12000 m).

How does the fog of chemtrails from contrails of smoke at the height

It is often not easy to distinguish a vapor from engine exhaust from a chemtrail too. But every day I see planes in the sky high, sometimes at close range if they cross the flight paths.
One can clearly see how a contrail looks like and looks like a chemtrail. Especially the behavior in the air can be distinguished. While a vapor trail is somewhat light and thin, moving usually quite quickly dissipated, see chemtrails "heavy, sluggish and somehow close out." And so they behave.
It happens that we leave on a day in the morning a specific airport, on its surroundings chemtrails have been applied. Let us return then hours later to land, there are still the chemtrails, and have spread into a great gray veil, while in the wider environment far different weather and wind there was in place.

Enormous spread of chemtrails in the amount

When we are in the cruise, we fly in and sometimes for hours on this 'fog-boxes'! Such observations I've made now as many ... I have the impression that becomes more frequent and longer sprayed. This is of course difficult to prove, but I think that I lie to the right. "

Additional notes from oral interviews

As far as the report of this professional pilots.
It is important to note that in the indicated altitude (18,000 feet = 6 km altitude) nor any 'contrails' (conventional contrails) were possible, as shown by the rest of air traffic. It is therefore a clear Chemtrails-spray event by 2 cargo aircraft.

Furthermore, the pilot reported orally that made communication between the flight control center with sparkling planes on a completely different radio frequency than those with the most commercial airliners ...

That probably suggests that the Chemtrailssprühflugzeuge be treated by the air traffic controllers, different than the regular (probably preferred by virtue of any orders 'from above') - and it very well in the flight control center will know that it is on those flights for special orders to 'atmospheric interference' is.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the flight control center or the UBA may (with appropriate inquiries does not give information on those flights / want).
Skyguide (CH), nevertheless admitted to prodding questions of a Swiss journalist that such flights were not recorded in official log books ... Whether this is indeed the case, however, may be questioned or classified as Halblüge ...

No wonder that do in the face of such disclosure or denial of chemtrails at all levels of our politicians, Wetterberichtler the various stations, etc., and can lie still so that there simply were no Chemtrailsflieger and lead to weak-sounding arguments against ...

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not only that... from what my mother was saying today... there was a mention of chemtrailing on the holiday prog she watches on sky... they didnt called em chemtrails thos... just said they were for weather manipulation purposes... so nothing to be worry about...

hmmm... are they on a public relations offensive regarding chemtrails ?