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Thread: 5 Chemtrail planes at once

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    5 Chemtrail planes at once

    Recorded: 12-18-11
    Mad Chemtrailling
    (5) Chemplanes spray at once in Austin, Texa

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    Re: 5 Chemtrail planes at once

    They have to send multiple planes at a time in order to cover the area quicker. You know when they blanket a city / an area, they have something in store. So, what of the weather or anything else unusual around that time? What happened later that day or that night, or even the next day because of it. We as a people need to start paying more attention and documenting everything, not just the planes in the sky. This is great video and all, but i'm sure it's common for that many to be out there at once.

    We need to take notes on weather patterns before and after chemtrails, earthquakes, etc. before and after spotting the chemtrails. They're not blanketing every city every day. There ARE days where the skies are clear of chemtrails. We need to make notes of things on these days and the days following too. A clear-cut journal of details. If someone were to put that together, I'm sure we could get a few more people to take notice.

    There's still people out there that don't believe it's unusual. They think it's 'normal' for planes to spew out a white trail that doesn't go away. They think these leftovers (when not seen coming out of a plane) are clouds. They're NOT clouds, and they're NOT "normal" emissions from a jet.

    I feel myself rambling again, so I'll stop for now, but more documentation (aside from filming planes/trails) needs to be done.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: 5 Chemtrail planes at once

    I think the interesting thing here with this video is that, most people only film 1 maybe 2 chemtrail jets at one time, where this one has captured much more. It's not that this is not common. In fact, I've often seen numerous jets spewing chemtrails on any given day. I just never thought to film it. And yes, this is how they blanket an area. They will use as many jets as they can at one time.

    I agree that more documentation should be done. The question is, will anyone do it? Or has anyone been doing it? Maybe that should be a group project, we all gather as much data as we can on our own and post our findings. How about it? I think it would be quite interesting what we can all gather. Some can video, some can take notes, etc.

    It is a sad thing that people won't listen and open their eyes to these things. Some of my own family has shunned me over such a thing. Of course, they are the lost ones, not me. I have a much more open mind than they ever will, and it's sad. It still won't silence me about such things, and I don't think it should silence anyone else either.

    Back to the 5 planes, this is quite a common thing to see. Some days, the sky is soooo full of chemtrails, I'm sure there were more than 5 out there at one time.
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    Re: 5 Chemtrail planes at once

    I don't think these are Chem Trails, did they disperse as contrails do? Seems they are normal, I not saying there aren't Chem Trails but these are not, ChemTrails with multi planes are cross hatch.

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