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Thread: Chemtrails over rural Victoria, Australia

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    Chemtrails over rural Victoria, Australia

    When I went outside this morning around 7.30, the sky was well covered with chemtrails. It is now 10.20 am and they have been VERY busy.
    I live in a rural area, about 3 1/2 hours NW out of Melbourne. I have lived here almost a year, and didn't see any chemtrails here until about 6 weeks ago. Didn't see any more until about 2 weeks ago when they were at it ALL day, early morning until dark. Haven't seen them since until today, and the sky is about clouded over. It had been a nice blue sky at 7.30 with a few chemtrails. Not now at 10.20 am
    I have a theory for the reason they are spraying here. This being rural, it isn't expensive to buy a house, and there are a lot of retired people on the pension, also a lot of people on the dole. In other words, "useless eaters"
    Maybe this is another form of Eugenics. Spraying according to the demographic.

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    Re: Chemtrails over rural Victoria, Australia

    I see what you're saying. I've often suspected that they are using these sprayings to sterilize us, but eugenics is a good theory too. It's not impossible that they spray different chemicals per area/region.

    I live in an area where there aren't many days that go by when the sky is not filled with chemtrails. Here, we DO have planes going by quite often as there are many airports not that far away, and I've seen the difference between chemtrails and contrails.

    I, hopefully, will be starting a thread soon dedicated to the chemtrails in my area. I've been taking pictures here and there but I think I'll be going full out pretty soon. The only thing is, it may have to wait until spring thaw (it's going into winter now and I hate being out in the cold). I may not wait though, we'll see.

    More exposure will only help to open people's eyes to this stuff. You know how it is, people's views on things don't change until enough people around them change and it becomes common knowledge and widely accepted.

    Anyhow, you may be right. I think they serve many purposes, but that one is one that makes sense.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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