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Thread: Richard C. Hoagland - UFO Disclosure & Space Review C2C

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    Richard C. Hoagland - UFO Disclosure & Space Review C2C

    Richard C. Hoagland talked about the concept of disclosure and ET contact, as well as NASA and the space program. He referenced Arthur C . Clarke's books, such as 2010: The Year We Make Contact, and suggested that writers such as Clarke were using a kind of code to share inside information. Contact or disclosure has already taken place-- not the revealing of ET beings, but the remnants of their technology or machinery, he explained. He cited the Norway Spiral and Moscow Tetrahedron, which appeared on the same day at the end of 2009, as possible examples of this technology.

    He also discussed the possibility that NASA has a secret space program. "I'm thinking that maybe some of the UFO traffic, those cables that Assange threatened to reveal, in fact has nothing to do with UFOs-- it's all about secret spacecraft," he said. Hoagland also analyzed the deeper theological implications of the Pope's new willingness to "baptize aliens," which suggests to him that the Church is aware that ETs are part of the human family


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    Richard C. Hoagland's latest C2C interview...(Disclosure & Space Review)

    00:00 - Disclosure has occurred - and nobody noticed it
    01:40 - Arthur C. Clarke and The Invisible College
    04:51 - The Meaning of Disclosure
    06:24 - Star Wars and Spielberg
    07:50 - The Art of Secrecy
    09:08 - The UFO "Community"
    10:01 - WikiLeaks, Michael Moore and The UFO War (Continued UFO Secrecy in Exchange for Assange's Freedom)

    The other parts here...


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