aboriginal people

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    Cherokee Nation of Mexico

    :feathers: "When the one Creator of all things, U-nay-kla-nah-hi, made the first Cherokees, the stars began to twinkle with approval; thus it is our responsibility to live up to these heavenly expectations.” Chief Jahtlohi Rogers :Fire: When you learn that Cherokee history is a multi-colored...
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    Aboriginal Maps for Canada and USA

    Canada's First Nations source:Maps
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    Mi'kmaq Spirit - The MI'KMAW 'HIEROGLYPHICS'

    This article is from Mi'kmaq Spirit Mi'kmaq Spirit Home Page Right at the start, let's talk about the term 'hieroglyphics,' which is used so commonly to refer to the Mi'kmaw written symbology. The word is defined as 'figure of an object standing for a word, syllable or sound, as used in...
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    Suggestion from Day.......

    Day has brought to my attention that she would like to have some Native icons added to the icon list i know that this is possible but i cannot do this as a Mod Rumas or Lady of Light if you can do this for her this would greatly appreciated. Here is one site Native American Icons to retreive...
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    Old Native American Photographs

    Two Whistles Crow Lone Wolf Sioux Haida Shaman First People of America and Canada - Native American Indians. Turtle Island. Legends, Treaties, Clipart.
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    A story shared by my friend 'Alderbaren'

    Here's another story, that a little Native American inspiration for me. As I mentioned, I worked in Washington state for 15 years at a hydro plant. As the plant was situated a little remotely, the company provided housing for it's operators. And for several years, my next door neighbor was a...
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    Native reserves polluted due to gaps in rules

    Native reserves polluted due to gaps in rules November 3, 2009 By Margo McDiarmid, CBC News The auditor general says reserves have few regulations controlling environmental threats. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press) Ottawa has failed to provide proper environmental protection for First...
  8. Unhypnotized

    Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Hopi Elders)

    Purification and renewal time. America is dying from within. If you are not spiritually connected to earth and understand spiritual reality of how to live on earth it's likely you will not make it. We are here on earth, and then go to spirit world. Drink good water to stay healthy. River used to...
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    Star Nation Teachings - Bearcloud

    Who are the Star Nation People? By Bearcloud excerpts from starnationgallery... I have been asked many times who are the Star Nations to which I am always referring to in my talks and articles. Unless one understands the nature of the Native American culture, it can get confusing. We have a...
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    John Trudell

    Star Nation Teachings - John Trudell
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    Star Nation Teachings - Nancy Red Star

    Star Nation Teachings - Adam Teller Star Nation Teachings from Adam Teller, Navajo Nancy Red Star - Star Ancestors Universe
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    Star Nation Teachings -Native Spirit in art

    here are a few Kachinas and their purposes. Koshare or Hano Clown Because they do not wear masks, the Koshare or Hano Clown are technically not katsinas. However, they play an important role among and integrate with the serious katsina. Like most katsinas they teach lessons and give...
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    Aboriginal/ Dirty Secret: Presidential Candidates Backed by Nuclear Powerhouses

    THE LONGEST WALK http://www.longestwalk.org/ The Democrats' Dirty Secret: Presidential Candidates Backed by Nuclear Powerhouses Posted February 27, 2008. A hidden conflict over nuclear issues is simmering, pitting Obama and Clinton against many indigenous communities. THE DEMOCRATS' DIRTY...
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    Star Nation Teachings: Robert Morning Sky

    Robert Morning Sky -- Talks to the wind, dances in volcanoes, addresses Spirits in the sky and believes that there is more ‘out there’ than we are being told. This next bit is part of his introduction to his website-- The Author of this site is a Nobody, a savage, a primitive and should...
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    Adadoligi nvwato hiyada

    Pineal Gland Awakening - Enter the Star Nation Teachings This is dedicated to the Creator and our connection to the Creator Mitakuye Oyasin
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    Native American Faith Healers Sent to Prison

    Fightin’ Words October 8, 2009 Earlier this year, here in the state of Minnesota, a judge determined that Colleen and Anthony Hauser were guilty of child neglect and endangerment because they opted not to proceed with chemotherapy as a treatment for their son Daniel, who had Hodgkin’s...
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    Canada's largest native group picks new chief

    A Pacific coast native leader who says improving education is key to solving the poverty and social ills of Canada's Indians was picked on Thursday as chief of the country's largest aboriginal group. Shawn Atleo was elected National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations after an all-night...
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    dreams in history

    Dream interpretations date back to 3000-4000 B.C., where they were documented on clay tablets. For as long as we have been able to talk about our dreams, we have been fascinated with them and have strived to understand them. In some primal societies, members were unable to distinguish between...
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    Artifacts and gifts

    Artifacts and gifts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artifacts and gifts for tourists are a major portion of an Indian reservation's economy. Thousands of visitors tour reservations each year and will not leave without purchasing at least one...
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    The Deep Politics of Hollywood In the Parents` Best Interests

    The Deep Politics of Hollywood In the Parents` Best Interests by Matthew Alford and Robbie Graham Global Research, February 26, 2009 - 2009-02-21 Tom Cruise – “the world’s most powerful celebrity” according to Forbes Magazine – was unceremoniously sacked in 2006. His dismissal was...