1. Denise

    Suppressed Cancer therapies!

    Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Oct, 2004 by Curt Maxwell Editor: Recently, some patients brought their son to see me for low back pain. I was concerned by his emaciated appearance and noticed on the intake form that he had cancer. Naturally I asked about treatment and was...
  2. Denise

    Chinese Suppress Acupuncture Discoveries

    by Stephen Coleman Professor Yingqing Zhang. Zang's discoveries would make acupuncture too simple and if everybody could do it, there would be no need for acupuncturists and there would be less work for doctors. Twenty five hundred years ago, ancient Chinese physicians began to note that when...
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Mother's milk stirs unlikely political debate -- First lady Michelle Obama found herself at the center of an unlikely breast-feeding debate this week when three prominent conservative women criticized her for encouraging the creation of a "nanny state." Conservative radio...
  4. Unhypnotized

    The Aura cleaning process

    The Aura cleaning process Artigo postado em 29-06-10 Initial Observations This process is very successful in cases of obsession during the sleep and in cases of sexual violence, also during the sleep, with enormous losses of vital energy. The main symptoms, normally shown in younger...
  5. Unhypnotized

    If mainstream medicine really works, why are Americans so unhealthy?

    Mike Adams NaturalNews Monday, April 12th, 2010 Did you ever wonder why such an alarmingly high percentage of Americans are obese, diabetic, depressed and suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney disorders and skin problems? Now consider the fact that Americans pay more per capita for...
  6. Unhypnotized

    DR. LANDRiTH-The Universe lies within - tap into bliss

    Dr. Landrith was among the first to scientifically document that ‘what we think inside can have a profound influence on the outer world.’. In his pioneering published research studies in 1981, 1982 and 1988, it was found that what individuals, of group meditations think, can actually...
  7. Unhypnotized

    Swine flu: Some pregnant women shunning H1N1 vaccine

    Dahleen Glanton Chicago Tribune Friday, Nov 13th, 2009 For months, Rachel Aguayo, who is pregnant with her first child, has been bombarded with messages urging her to be among the first in line for the H1N1 flu vaccine. But the decision about whether to get the shot is particularly grueling...
  8. Unhypnotized

    God's Cricket Chorus (Choir of the Crickets - slowed down)

    When I was studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine our class was very small and we became a close family. One day my friend Ara brought in the audio recording of crickets for all of us to hear. We did not know what to expect and when we heard this our eyes filled and an air...

    Acupuncture May Ease Chronic Back Pain

    Study Shows Acupuncture Trumps Standard Care for Back Pain Relief By Kathleen Doheny WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD May 11, 2009 -- The ancient technique of acupuncture helps relieve chronic back pain better than standard care such as medications or physical therapy, according...
  10. CASPER

    Taking Medicine During Pregnancy

    While some medications are considered safe to take during pregnancy, the effects of other medications on your unborn baby are unknown. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to medications you take while you are pregnant, especially during the first trimester, a crucial time of...
  11. R

    Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame

    Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame Thursday, March 19, 2009 The Violet Flame is the essence of one of the "seven rays". Like a ray of sunlight that passes through a prism is broken into the seven colors of the rainbow, spiritual light manifests as seven rays. Each ray has a specific...
  12. day

    EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

    Emotional freedom technique uses points from the meridians to well ... release deep emotions with startling results-- its free and easy to use..anyone can learn and then develop their own style Rebecca Marina EFT and Live Blood Sample clearing impurities from Blood with Divine light