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    Mossad Bombs Alexandria Church

    While the pro-Israel western leaders, Egyptian puppet government and mass-media are blaming the non-existent Al-Qaeda, the Egyptian Bar Association and country’s former Foreign Minister Abdallah al-Ashal have accused Israeli intelligence services for terrorist attack on the Coptic church in...

    Egypt's Christians fear new attack on holiday

    CAIRO – Egyptian Christians say they fear a repeat attack against their community on Coptic Christmas Eve Thursday despite authorities planning heavy security following a New Year's suicide bombing of a church in Alexandria that killed 21. In response to the threats against the Christians by...
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    Egypt's Christians protest attack

    -- Hundreds of supporters of Egyptian Christians protesting a New Year's bombing that killed nearly two dozen of their members marched Tuesday night on a church in a Cairo suburb, where they were met by an equal number of security officers in riot gear. For the first night since the car bomb...

    [Wow!] History of Greece: Hellenistic

    The Hellenistic Age marks the transformation of Greek society from the localized and introverted city-states to an open, cosmopolitan, and at times exuberant culture that permeated the entire eastern Mediterranean, and Southwest Asia. While the Hellenistic world incorporated a number of...
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    Cruise ship battered in Mediterranean

    The ship, Brilliance of the Seas, is carrying more than 2,000 passengers. A violent storm over the weekend lashed a Royal Caribbean ship trying to get to port in Alexandria, Egypt, injuring nearly 30 passengers, shattering glass and overturning furniture. "It was a little scary on Saturday...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Egyptian Papyrus Discovered in Irish Bog

    09-13-2010 05:27 AM 'Ireland’s National Museum announced on Monday, September 6th 2010, the discovery of fragments of Egyptian papyrus in the leather cover of an ancient book of psalms. According to the museum ‘it is a finding that asks many questions and has confounded some of the accepted...
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    The Library of Alexandria

    documentary The Library of Alexandria (1996).avi | Interesthings! | Veoh

    US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?

    Houston – At least three US oil companies were the target of a series of previously undisclosed cyberattacks that may have originated in China and that experts say highlight a new level of sophistication in the growing global war of Internet espionage. The oil and gas industry breaches, the...
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    The 90-Minute Stand Down on 9/11: Why Was the Secret Service?s Early Request for Figh

    911 Blogger December 21, 2009 Shortly after the second World Trade Center tower was hit, at 9:03 a.m. on September 11, 2001, an officer at Andrews Air Force Base, just outside Washington, DC, was notified that the Secret Service wanted fighter jets launched over the nation’s capital. It was...
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    Did Training Exercises Prevent Andrews Air Force Base From Responding to the 9/11 Att

    9/11 Blogger Tuesday, Oct 27th, 2009 Why did airplanes fly around for an hour and a half without interceptors being scrambled from Andrews [Air Force Base] … right next to the capital? - Paul Hellyer, Canadian minister of national defense, 1963-1967 Many aircraft at a military base just...
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    Possible Cleopatra tomb discovered

    Possible Cleopatra tomb discovered Friday, April 17/09 AFP/HO – A recent undated handout picture from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities shows the Taposiris … Archaeologists in Egypt believe that they instead of queen Cleopatra's tomb discovered. They have three shafts which...
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    The Trilateral Commission: North American Group 2008

    Here is a list that my friend E-mailed me many of these are Canadians These are unelected people making decisions for many of our world affairs with out consulting with the general world public......ricklbert Trilateral Commission Attendee list The Trilateral Commission: North American Group...
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    Revealed: the amazing story behind Hitler's second book

    Interesting Book published: Gives me the creeps.....ricklbert Revealed: the amazing story behind Hitler's second book Thirty years after Hitler wrote his last and largely unknown book, it was discovered by Jewish scholar Gerhard Weinberg - who has spent four decades trying to publish it in...