1. Truth Vibrations

    The Dark Act and GMO food Labeling

    Great information here. We all need to be aware of GMOs and the impact they have on our families.
  2. 100th Monkey

    Alien UFOs exist, and this is why our government won't disclose them

    This is a good read: By Inelia Benz: Source:
  3. New UFO Hunter

    James Bartley - MILABS & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

    James Bartley is really an abductee himself who actually aids other abductees. The things he conveys on this video is really an eye opener. You could possibly perhaps notice several of the signs and symptoms in you personally and/or your friends and family. He gets a little graphic at times. but...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Awake and Aware 2013 - Panel Discussion

  5. 100th Monkey

    Black star alignment April 2nd 2013

    This had been shared with me today: Has anybody else aware of this?
  6. 100th Monkey

    Unsealed Conspiracy Files -

    Wondered if anyone is aware this website:
  7. Denise

    Proof of Soul - A Near Death Experience by a Cardiac Surgeon

    This is among the more creditable I know of. If you are aware of other great videos of NDE, please post them?
  8. Denise

    Researchers infected Guatemalans with STDs

    And everyone wonders why governments can't be trusted. I question how frequently something like this happens and no-one is aware of it . . . how often has the Government tested its junk upon the public without permission? Article is here:
  9. Denise

    Mark Faber Outlines the Final End Scenario (NWO SERIES/ ECONOMIC COLLAPSE)

    TheYouindex - 'SAVE' 'YOUrSELF' get 'INFORMED' then 'SERVE' This series has been uploaded following a request and information received that it was not easily available. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can't be found on YouTube - Please contact us...
  10. Unhypnotized

    StarMap viewing demo

    You can use it free of charge 15 times. Should you not power down your computer or laptop you may utilize it endlessly. Everyone should be aware of where they are really inside the galaxy.
  11. Unhypnotized

    Bod Chopman just outted Ranold Regan

    Breaking news Bob Chapman just outed Ronald Reagan on Alex Jones's show!! He can confirm that Regan was gay and that his wife is aware of it, and apparently they have a video to prove it, it was recorded for blackmail.
  12. Unhypnotized

    Finland's Mind Control on Unsuspecting Citizens

    Please take time to read if you are not already aware of these matters. Kiitos, Ginger :cup: