1. Denise

    DIY - How to: Make Your Own Hygiene Products

    Here is a site i came across with how to on Home made Hygiene Products. Heres is what you will find here: Toothpaste ~Coconut Oil ~Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade 3-8%) ~Baking Soda (Aluminum free is best) ~Xylitol or Stevia ~Essential oil (mint, orange, whatever) ~Sea salt Deodorant ~Baking...
  2. Denise


    Iam not a Doctor, Doctors only Know What DRUG Companies TEACH THEM, Their are over 20 CURES for CANCER, One Medical Doctor said CHEMO had a 3% Sucess Rate, See Vito Site He Cured His CANCER in 5 DAYS see his PROTOCOL at,,to keep up STRENGTH make...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Cancer cure in your pantry...?

    Ph balance your blood and taking bicarb of soda (baking soda) can cure you of cancer. And it stops tooth decay, the bugs that cause decay can't live in the natural ph balanced environment, they only survive in an acidic environment. This page explain how and why it works: Curing Cancer with...