1. White Rabbit

    Do You Believe in Miracles or Magic? Your enemy does! More Hidden symbolism in plain sight

    This is a group of YouTube video clips which I believe are truly worth the time or perhaps be just be informed about. Try to maintain a balanced view when you watch these, don't get trapped by the "religious" aspect from them. Many people (me included) run from videos that refers to the bible or...
  2. R

    Scottish Church denies Israel’s right to exist

    A 5,000-word report on “the Promised Land“, prepared by the Church of Scotland ahead of its General Assembly claims that Jews have no religious or moral right to establish the so-called “Jewish State” in Holy Land due to their mistreatment of Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. The report...
  3. R

    Israel: “Women shalt not read Torah at Wailing Wall”

    “Thanks you G-d for not making me a Gentile, Woman or a Slave,” Shabbath 86a-86b. All Jewish men are obligated to say this prayer each day. According to Torah (Bavli Megilah 23a) a Jewish woman is not obligated to study Torah therefore, they’re not allowed to recite Torah in public because of...
  4. R

    NBC mocks Jesus (as) Again!

    The NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live (SNL)‘ in its recent skit written by its all Jewish writers team (Chris Kattan, Seth Adam Meyers, Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Rachel Dratch, and Rob Schneider), has mocked Jesus (as) again. Watch the video below. The top management of the National Broadcasting...
  5. R

    Dr. King Jr: Jews, Zionism and Israel

    January 21, 2013 is going to be remembered for three historical events. Barack Obama’s taking oath on Rev. Martin Luther King’s copy of the Bible, federal celebration of King’s birthday – and a new Jewish prayer in honor of Dr. King. The prayer was distributed nationwide to synagogues...
  6. R

    Obama’s untraditional Presidential Oath

    Barack Hussein Obama is reported to create history during his inauguration on January 21, 2013. He is going to take oath not on one Bible but a pair of Bibles - and the oath will neither be administered by a priest nor by the chief justice of the Supreme Court which is a time-honored tradition...
  7. R

    United States tops in women rape

    Last week, India was scene of huge demonstrations in New Delhi and other Indian cities provoked by the brutal gangraped by six men of Damini, a 23-year-old physiothrapy student on a moving bus in India’s capital city of New Delhi. Similar protests you will never see in the United States which is...
  8. R

    Pastor: ‘Jesus is not returning to earth’

    Yesterday, I found an article written by a retired US Baptist minister Rev. Howard Bess, who lives in Palmer (Alska). In the article Bess challenges Christianity’s belief in the ’Advent‘ or the second-coming of Christ as a ‘Savior’. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which...
  9. R

    Antisemitism vs Anti-Semitism

    What’s the difference between ‘Antisemitism’ and ‘Anti-Semitism’? The Berlin-born Jewish professor Shmuel Almog (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), has claimed that the term with hyphen and without it has different meanings. The term ‘Antisemitism’ was coined by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s. It was...
  10. R

    600 Rabbis declare Obama ‘kosher’!

    The campaign to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama is becoming more ‘Jewish’ every passing day. Obama’s campaign office has just released a list which shows that nearly 600 Rabbis support Obama for re-election in November 2012. Ten of them happens to be among the Newsweek’s ’2012 America’s top top 50...
  11. R

    Israel: ‘Be a woman and shut-up’

    Today, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that four women were arrested yesterday for praying in the women’s section of the Wailing Wall. After keeping them under lock for half-a-day, the Jewish security police released them on the condition that they would not enter the area for praying for...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    The Elixir of life, hiding in the Bible

    Sectret of Secrets: The Elixir of life, hiding in the Bible Part 1:
  13. R

    Rev. Ted Pike: ‘Alcohol is Jewish!’

    “The Jews are masters of the whiskey trade in the United States. Eighty per cent of the members of the National Liquor Dealers’ Association are Jews. It has been shown that 60 percent of the business of distilling and wholesale trade in whiskey is in the hands of the Jews,” John Foster Fraser in...
  14. R

    Mumbai: The miracle of the ‘weeping Cross’

    Mumbai police is investigating blasphemy charges filed against Sanal Edamaruku by the city’s Catholic community leaders for insulting a recent Jesus’ miracle. Since March 2012, thousands of Catholic devotees have been visiting the Church of Our Lady of Velankanni in Vile Parle, Mumbai to witness...
  15. T

    The plain truth without imagination

    No God but Allah ..... I invite you to embrace the religion of Islam, the religion of God is right, a religion that unites God and no one else is God Wahed Al Ahad Samad individual begets not and did not have one no longer, God is not like humans eat and sleep God holds the sky to fall...
  16. Denise

    Excavating The Empty Tomb - The Gospels based on Homer's Odyssey?

    The book Mark of the bible, that was authored prior to and used as the source for the bible books, Matthew, Luke and John, has been discovered to possess a literary style that is virtually identical the the style of writing of the story Homer's Odyssey in distinctive details. Video information:
  17. R

    A Pastor’s search for the historical Jesus

    The other day I came across an interesting article by Rev. Howard Bess, entitled Hiding the True Jesus in which he challenges Christian dogma about Jesus, Christianity and the Gospels. In my comments, I tried to explain that some of Rev. Howard Bess narratives of the life and Jesus’ message are...
  18. R

    Elie Wiesel: ‘Don’t equate Iran with Holocaust’

    In an interview with Israeli daily Globes (April 19, 2012), the father of Holocaust Museum industry, Elie Wiesel, 83, has cautioned Israeli propagandists to avoid comparing Iranian threat to the Zionist regime with the Zionist patent ‘Holocaust’. In response to the question that Benji...
  19. R

    SPLC’s top 10 Islamophobes

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has published its intelligence Report exposing the ten top Islam haters in America. They all have one thing in common – they’re ‘Israel-Firsters’. The list includes Bill French, Brigitte Gabriel (Lebanon’s maid of darkness), P. David Gaubatz (a Zionist...
  20. White Rabbit

    Symbos and Hidden Meanings

    Symbols that mean something else: Symbol for Google Email: looks like Rose Croix apron of the Scottish Rite: From website: The Apple computer logo: In the bible Eve bite the apple from the Tree of Knowledge and god cast out them out of...