Green Oklahoma is a New Site for Businesses and Consumers Alike

    Green Oklahoma's mission is to help connect Oklahomans to local green businesses, with the purpose of helping make Oklahoma a greener and better place to live. Green Oklahoma is a new online website that connects consumers to Oklahoma green businesses. This service is free of charge to the...

    Driving rain brings new flood woes to Australia

    BRISBANE, Australia – Floodwaters from a swollen river poured into businesses in yet another northeastern Australian community Monday, as relentless rains brought more misery to a region battling its worst flooding in decades. Muddy waters flowed through the main street in the city of Gympie...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Silver being used as a NEW currency

    The demise of the dollar is around the corner - A July 12 2010 Michigan report on local businesses trading precious metal coins and 'rounds' for goods and services. Silver IS money
  4. M

    Small businesses

    Especially the area where I was born, raised, still live as well. Anyway, three out of the five businesses are going of businesses and the other one is moving to another town. This isn't the 1st time this has happen, but its getting more frequent now. At the same time the spaces of these...