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    Congresswoman introduces "Aaron's Law" to honor Swartz

    Congresswoman introduces "Aaron's Law" to honor Swartz. Congresswoman calling for update against legal bullying. This item suggest Aaron's charge should have been a 30 day misdemeanor.
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    [Question?] Same problem different year.

    Same problem different year hang-up phone calls I know I mentioned this before, but it started up again today this time for Sarah Redondo again. Of what I'm speaking is the hang ups phone calls, they start calling at 8:05 a.m quiet for awhile mid afternoon calling for her, from what I've read...

    I Consider My Mother's Mind

    Stars of the Great and Small Bears, lost in a cobalt padlock above Detroit, the orient coruscations of car factories, skating ponds, six-lane highways, now lumbering across decades into my childhood suburb, that rimed ruin— picnic table, dispirited shucks and obeisant leeks of our winter garden...