1. White Rabbit

    Colorful Solar Glass Can Generate Clean Power from Building Windows

    Think about it, all building around the world generating free power just from the glass on their windows! Oxford Photovoltaics uses non-toxic organic solar cell materials printed directly on to glass to produce clean energy. Photograph: Oxford Photovoltaics Photovoltaic Cell | Solar PV |...
  2. Denise

    [Warning!] Has Your Home Become a Microwave Oven?

    Wondering if it's time to move? This might motivate you... Source: Natural News Blogs Warning: Has Your Home Become a Microwave » Natural News Blogs
  3. Silent Shadow

    "Warning you are a participant in Civil unrest" Say's text message to all phones in crime area

    Note: If you plan to stand up for human rights DO NOT bring your cell phone! Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government's Ever Sent | Motherboard
  4. Denise

    'Casualty Catastrophe': Cell Phones and Child Brains

    'Casualty Catastrophe': Cell Phones and Child Brains, October 20, 2013 Source: Information Machine
  5. Denise

    What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds and Flus

    Flu season is upon us are you ready for the lies? Source: What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds and Flus
  6. Denise

    Live Blood cell Analysis of Smart Meter Radiation Effects

    This video shows us what 'Smart' meters do to your blood cells. Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters Published on Aug 22, 2013
  7. Denise

    Human cells cloned for first time

    AP, The West Australian May 16, 2013, 10:03 am Source: http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/1...or-first-time/
  8. Denise

    Quadruple helix DNA seen in human cells

    Are we evolving?...and if so to what? Cambridge University scientists say they have seen four-stranded DNA at work in human cells for the first time. The famous "molecule of life", which carries our genetic code, is more familiar to us as a double helix. But researchers tell the journal...
  9. Truth Vibrations

    Why is the FBI Keeping Track of Apple Device Users?

    September 5, 2012 by Philip Hodges A few years ago, FBI agent Christopher Stangl appeared in a video put out by the FBI calling on people with computer science degrees to join them as they were needed now more than ever. In the video posted to Facebook, he said this: Hello. My name is...
  10. Denise

    Dr. Devra Davis - Cell Phone Dangers

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) If you think the jury's still out on whether cell phones can be dangerous to your health, then you might want to take the time to listen to this video. Dr. Devra Davis, author of the book, "The Secret History of the War on Cancer," has...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Truck runs 3000 miles on Water only, no Gasoline

    Look at this: This is called Freddy's Cell or Hydrogen Hog which is associated with Future Energy Concepts. Freddy's Cell is an open source project that can be found at peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:_Hydroge...rgy_Concepts%2C_Inc.
  12. Unhypnotized

    5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

    5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do For all the folks with cell phones. (This should be printed and kept in your car, purse, and wallet. Good information to have with you.) There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually...