Giant "scar" on Jupiter spotted by amateur stargazer

    Tue Jul 21, 9:59 am ET CANBERRA (Reuters Life!) – A large comet or asteroid has slammed into the Jupiter, creating an impact site the size of Earth, pictures by an Australian amateur astronomer show. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed the discovery using its large infrared telescope at...
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    Bashar, channeling and awareness [

    Bashar, channeling and awareness July 6, 2009 Bashar is a multi-dimensional beings who speak through the channel with the name Darryl Anka. Bashar speaks on many topics including the law of attraction, the future and the past, ET's, reincarnation, and much more. Source: youtube

    Free Spirit! Web Site Launches to Save Stuck Mars Rover

    The plucky Mars rover Spirit has a whole team of NASA engineers on Earth trying to find an escape route out of the Martian sand dune that has snared the robot for weeks, and now it has a Web site. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., launched the Web site "Free Spirit"...

    Spiritual disciplines and practices

    Christians over the years have learned that certain disciplines and practices help them keep the spiritual channels open and help keep the heart turned toward God. These disciplines can't save you; they can't even make you a holy person. But they can heighten your desire, awareness, and love of...

    Is Channeling bad for you?

    Yes, channeling is bad, and please don't do it. Your body was made for you to dwell in, not some autonomous spirit who wants to play pretend. Who knows what it will do once it's in there. Keep watch on your own spirit, not others'; you have your hands full as it is. Pay your attention not on...

    Channeling : The Modern Way

    Channeling is where a human enters into an 'altered state of consciousness' which allows the person to become a conduit or 'channel' for the spirit of another, who can then use the channel to speak and take limited actions. This is, in essence, what a medium does to communicate with the dead...


    Gerrit Jahn, born 1965, has been a practicing medium since 1989. He channels spirits from high levels who work as teachers, as well as some archangels, predominantly archangel Michael. The first group sessions were held in the early 1990, now he is working full-time as medium, healer and light...

    What is channeling?

    Channeling (UK spelling: channelling, also called psychic reading or channeled reading) is the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits (non-corporal entities, spirits of the deceased, or nature spirits) and angels. The person receiving and...
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    Welcome KevenWright our 100th member

    Congrats toKevenWrightyou are Number 100 on our members list it's great to have you here at UHF. A warm welcome from all of us at UHF
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    How Worried are Swine Flu Spreading

    Please move if this isn't the proper area of the forum for this. This is from an entry that I got off of one of the health websites that I frequent. Voted other in the poll that was a chance to this. Have to say that I'm between with this because its hard choose a side
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    Pacemaker without wires

    Pacemaker without wires Sunday, April 12, 2009 By: Ronald Veldhuizen This week is an important step in the development of natural pacemakers made from living cells. The advantage of such pacemakers is that they require no maintenance. The conductor of the heart rhythm - the sine - would...
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    Adverse effects of transceiver stations digital TV

    Adverse effects of transceiver stations digital TV Friday, April 10, 2009 GOOGLE In an open letter to President Obama and the American people, three leading German medical scientists warned of the now in their own country demonstrated harmful effects on human health, which arose after the...
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    Illuminati-insider: 'Financial crisis is needed to achieve a world government'

    Illuminati-insider: 'Financial crisis is needed to achieve a world government' Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Would the financial collapse may be part of the Illuminati agenda? Although the financial crisis offers us many opportunities for new choices, it is always good to see if the power elite...
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    March 21, 2009 Ascension For many years, many people on the earthly plane discussed Ascension. Many have said that space creatures on the earth will come to the good souls away. Others have predicted that only certain church groups will ascend when the Soul Christ returns. The truth is that...
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    What is a Human Angel?

    What is a Human Angel? Last updated: Tuesday, March 17 to 22:08, 7 times Groningen, Tuesday, March 17, 2009 The term Human Angel is in the literature already used thousands of years. The Group expresses only since 1999 on the development of Human Angels. In a live channeling in Veldhoven...
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    Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth?

    Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth? Saturday, March 14, 2009 Through the ages people have been fascinated by paranormal phenomena and external sensory perceptions. Is there more between heaven and earth than the naked eye can see, there is something like sixth sense...
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    El paso county sheriff’s office policy and procedure manual

    March 9th, 2009 in Breaking News EL PASO COUNTY SHERIFF?S OFFICE POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL EL PASO COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL. OTHER AGENCY SUPPORT/MILITARY SUPPORT: Normal channels will be followed to coordinate efforts between various law enforcement agencies...
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    Drops of Water on Mars? Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Drops of Water on Mars? Wednesday, February 18, 2009 NASA's Phoenix Mars lander is likely to end in May 2008 landed in a puddle of water on the red planet. Lead scientists to the analysis of photographs sent by the spacecraft. That drops his photos appear on the landing. This informs the...
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    Is your confidence in the government also increased? Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    World News Is your confidence in the government also increased? Tuesday, February 17, 2009 All rich media scatter joyfully with data from the CPB (Social and Cultural Planning Bureau) on the last quarter of 2008. It would appear that trust in government has grown substantially. 55% of the...
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    We, the Earth and 2012

    We, the Earth and 2012 Last updated: Sunday, February 15, 2009 Please enter the Photon Belt But Debt You recognize that you have insufficient time to do everything in one day? As days have fewer hours than before. Yes? Then you will also be hampered by what in metaphysical circles since...