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    UFOs Caught On Tape in Chile. Thoughts?

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    Mass UFO Sighting, Santiago, Chile, December 18, 2012

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    UFO over Chile October 2011

    Strange UFOs Seen Over Chile On Oct 1, 2011 This time its over Chile again:
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    CHILE TV NEWS: UFO Sighting over Santiago, Chile on August 30, 2011 flying over city

    Date of sighting: August 30, 2011 Location of sighting: Santiago, Chile Eyewitness states: "The real date is August 30, 2011. The sighting began at 21:10 and was seen by me and five friends. We also called a news reporter who came and witnessed it. At 22:00 we called the Air Force and the Air...

    Chile: Bomb causes minor damage at US institute

    SANTIAGO, Chile – Police in Chile say a small bomb exploded and broke some windows at a U.S. cultural institute hours ahead of President Barack Obama's arrival. No one was injured in the attack, which happened in Vina del Mar, a seaside city far from the Obamas' activities in the capital of...
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    Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hits off Chile coast

    January 2011 Last updated at 16:34 ET Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hits off Chile coast A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has hit off the central coast of Chile, the US Geological Survey says. The epicentre was 95km (60 miles) northwest of Temuco with a depth of 17km, the USGS said. It added that...
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    Chile man with ET contact near Patagonia

    A man from Chile that had contact with ET on his radio. The ET helped the man, because he had lung cancer. An investigation team did some hypnosis on him. During hypnosis he told them he saw this word or words. He does not knows what he just wrote, and he also spoke a language unknown to him...
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    Chile earthquake: tsunami warnings trigger evacuations across Pacific

    David Barrett London Telegraph Feb 27, 2010 The devastating earthquake in Chile has triggered a tsunami which is radiating across the Pacific and has already caused serious damage on the islands said to have inspired Robinson Crusoe. Michelle Bachelet, the Chilean President, said an...

    Earthquake shakes northern Chile

    SANTIAGO, Chile – A strong earthquake struck northern Chile early Friday, briefly knocking out power to a city but otherwise causing no major damages, authorities said. The 6.5-magnitude quake's epicenter was between the cities of Iquique and Arica, about 60 miles (95 kilometers) from each...