1. tonybinca

    Questioning all that I've been taught

    I always thought that if you were very close to a person, they would contact you in some way after passing. My mother who I was very close to passed over a month ago and I have sensed nothing, and not had any feeling of her presence even in dreams. It makes me wonder if my belief in a world to...
  2. Denise

    Colbie Cailla's powerful statement about beauty ideals

    We are all beautiful, we don't need to try let people see you as you are, if they don't like you, there were never your friends to begin with. They liked the make up and close not you. So be yourself, and like who you are, and never worry what other people think!
  3. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - The Holographic Illusion of Reality

    David Says ..
  4. New UFO Hunter

    Amazing UFO Close to the Ground in Bolivia, 7/7/2012

    This looks amazing, but can it be something other than a UFO?
  5. Truth Vibrations

    Another huge sphere Near Sun - Is It Feeding Off The Sun

    Another huge sphere close to the sun! Also see this thread:
  6. Denise

    Movement "I DON'T PAY" is spreading across Europe (english subs)

    "Thanks my fellow human and i hope we can stick together and hopefully get all the youtube folks to meet in there areas and make plans for a mass no consent agenda, and pay and do NOTHING!!!!! don't go to work, pay no bills, mortgages, no taxes, close back accounts, LAWFULL NON VIOLENT...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Close encounters of the Home Counties kind: Two 'alien aircraft' sightings in one week in 'UK's UFO hotspot'

    They hover in close formation against the backdrop of a cloudy Kent sky. The two mysterious bright lights were photographed on January 6 floating over Chatham. Less than a week later four similar lights were seen over Essex, shining brightly against the dawn. The remarkable sightings were...
  8. Unhypnotized

    Common Purpose Exposed site takedown

    looks like Brian Gerrish of the site 'cpexposed' has been getting too close to the truth!

    chemtrails up close no plane 2009 WHAT IS NEXT? TAKE A LOOK

    chemtrails up close no plane 2009 WHAT IS NEXT? TAKE A LOOK
  10. CASPER

    Northern Fulmar

    In the wind the fulmars come and go, heeling where the northerly blows down sharp. The fulmars hurtle crosswind, to and fro by hundreds until the woven heavens have been warped close to this planet, nimbus gathered low, pursed heavy in that seine knotted by the birds and reefed, mesh sewn on...
  11. day

    dolphins blow bubble rings

    so peaceful to watch these amazing beautiful dolphins for a close up of the bubble ring