1. Lady of Light

    Where has the Lady of Light gone?

    Hey everybody. I realize I haven't been interacting too much with everyone lately, but I've been keeping extremely busy. Lots of really great projects on the go. It always starts out with one, then more get added because in order to complete the first one, you need to do the other little ones...
  2. Denise


    Have you ever felt like a spirit was channeling through you? When this happens you are able to answer questions you wouldn't know the answer too or you keep getting the same message over and over. It is possible to be channeling and not be under the spirit's complete control.
  3. Unhypnotized

    Army FM3-05.70 Complete Survival Manual

    Here is a PDF, a complete survival guide made up by the army with more than 400 pages of useful information for escape/survival situations.