1. Truth Vibrations

    John Lear and Stew Webb: Ufo's, Aliens, 9/11, Secret Space Program plus more

    The interview looks like it is from January of 2013. Video info:
  2. 100th Monkey

    Sony Corporation is tring to stop us from Re-Sell our own property

    The ability to Re-Sell your personal goods is going to be put to the test. How would you react should you no longer be able to re-sell your old vehicle to some car dealership for a bit of money toward a brand new one car? What if you could no longer purchase a second hand vehicle that is mush...
  3. Denise

    Excavating The Empty Tomb - The Gospels based on Homer's Odyssey?

    The book Mark of the bible, that was authored prior to and used as the source for the bible books, Matthew, Luke and John, has been discovered to possess a literary style that is virtually identical the the style of writing of the story Homer's Odyssey in distinctive details. Video information:
  4. M

    Accessing Content

    Think about this from time to time and not just UHF, but others as well. As for me I'm torn on this because I see both sides of the issue.