1. Z

    Current Events Forum Doesn't Have a Donald Trump Thread? Wow!

    Glad to have chanced upon a forum that doesn't have any Donald Trump thread in its current events sections :surprise2: - - - Updated - - - Wait a minute...OH NO! Now it does :grumpy2::confusion::confused::yikes::mask:
  2. Boiling Frog

    Spiritual Teacher "Free Spirit" speaks on Geo-engineering, Chemtrails and Biosphere Collapse

    Spiritual teacher "Free Spirit" with plenty of strong discourses and this is one of the most current. See if you resonate with his information.
  3. Linda Brown

    MUFONS current activities?

    Does anyone know what MUFONs current plans are for the upcoming year and if Mr. Bigelows entrance into their organization has impacted them at all? Is there any representative of MUFON in this membership which could give us the straight scoop on what is going on there? Thanking you ahead of...
  4. Denise

    David Wilcock Latest blog - Mass Arrests / Divine Intervention: New Briefings (Finally!) June 8th 2012

    I am not really in to David Wilcock but her has a new blog: Finally, after months of no new insider updates, one of our top sources has gotten new information about how Divine Intervention is shaping the mass arrests that have been planned. The news is very exciting -- and very positive. THE...
  5. White Rabbit

    DIY Kit Overclocks Your Brain With Direct Current

    Transcranial direct current stimulation works, and you can try it at home. It turns out that one of the ways you can speed up a microprocessor -- shoving more current into it -- also works on the human brain. The technique is called transcranial direct current stimulation, and while...
  6. Denise

    John Kettler intrview with Kimberely 4-24-12 ET/ED assistance for 2012 transformation

    Published on Apr 28, 2012 by lovelight1111 (Kimberley) See John Kettler's blog at John Kettler is in a unique position with his background in the defense industry involving relatively high levels of clearance and the current intel he is receiving from both ON and...
  7. R

    Mexican Military fight drug war

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