1. Truth Vibrations

    C2C - 21.11.2012 - JFK Assassination Special X

    JFK Assassination Special X: In the first half of Wednesday's show, JFK assassination researcher Michael Cohen shared his theory that Madame Nhu, the de facto First Lady of South Vietnam, instigated the president's assassination, as revenge for Kennedy having ordered the CIA to kill her...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    UFO over DALLAS - Filmed from Plane - 03/21/2012

    Date of sighting: March 21, 2012 Location of sighting: Dallas, Texas, USA Eyewitness states: "It doesn't show the similar object, but this one must be flying in supersonic speed over the Dallas sky. I marked it in Slow Motion, please watch in High Definition! Maybe it's just an Airforce Plane...