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    [Opinion] Experiences with enlighten teacher. How many of you have had a similar experience?

    About 16 years ago I woke up to a spiritual energy thanks to a spiritual teacher living in Finland named Dave Oshana. I experienced a complete opening of all my energy centers and my consciousness expanded to unforeseen levels. I always wonder how many people out there have had similar...
  2. 100th Monkey

    The banks are gearing up for the collapse

    Published on Sep 29, 2013:
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Abductee Chantelle Pyper speaks

    This is a good interview:
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Magadeth's Dave Mustaine Unchained

    March 10, 2012 Promo for an Exclusive Infowars interview with Dave Mustaine, co-founder of Metallica and founder of Megadeth two of the most trailblazing metal bands in music history. Alex Jones sits down with Dave who reveals never before heard insights into Metallica, Megadeth, life on the...