1. Truth Vibrations

    Ancient Aliens S06 E19 Aliens Breeders

  2. R

    United States tops in women rape

    Last week, India was scene of huge demonstrations in New Delhi and other Indian cities provoked by the brutal gangraped by six men of Damini, a 23-year-old physiothrapy student on a moving bus in India’s capital city of New Delhi. Similar protests you will never see in the United States which is...
  3. R

    EU throws out Israeli NGO Monitor

    In January 2010, Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor group had sued the European Union (EU) over funding of several Non-government Organizations (NGOs) in Israel which are critical of Zionist regime’s policies. The group is headed by an Arab-hating professor Gerald Steinberg (Bar Ilan University). The...
  4. R

    Israel sacks IAF Commander over Hizballah drone

    The Zionist regime has sacked Brig. Gen. Doron Gavish, commander of its airforce defense layout as result of its recent humiliation by a Hizballah spy-drone operation early this month. Israeli media has reported that Gavish will be replaced by Col. Shachar Shochat, who has immediately been...
  5. 2

    [Video] US Declassified Possible Plans for UFO's

    Declassified USA's Military plans for Flying Saucers | The latest UFO Sightings, UFO Videos, Paranormal and UFO News | UFO Sightings Could we be coming closer to disclosure. It would be nice to end the speculation. I think we're mature enough "we could handle the truth" At least those of us...
  6. R

    California state bans criticism of Israel

    Last week, in another case of subservience to pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups – California state assembly passed a resolution which will shut-down freedom of speech at the state Campuses. The resolution, authored by Jewish Rep. Linda Halderman (R-Fresno) was co-signed by her 66 fellow congress...
  7. 2

    [ALERT!] And it;s Beginning: Dept. Of Homeland Security gears up for civil unrest prior to Presidential Elections

    Whatever is oming down the pike count on Dept of Homeland Security to be prepared for it, as they are preparing for potential domestic civil unrest riots at the republican national convention. trouble is will this be for real or are they preconditioning to the possibility of riots in the...
  8. R

    Canadian Senator: ‘Bring Omar Khadr home’

    Canadian Senator Lt. Gen. Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret’d) has issued an open petition to Israel-Firster Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to bring former Canadian child soldier, Omar Khadr, from America’s notorious Guantánamo Bay concentration camp to Canada. “The case of Omar Khadr...
  9. s_coy2005

    [FYI] All About Angels & Angel Hosting.. :)

    I got this message from the blog The Heart of an Empath & I thought I could share it with you.. :) Angel Hosting -- the truth about angels I’ve come across this more than once. Once on facebook and once now on Sherry’s forum. The idea is apparently that you invite the angels to come and stay...
  10. Amaterasu

    The Ethical Planetarian

    The Ethical Planetarian Party Platform by Amaterasu Have You tired of the empty promises of politicians? Have You seen the “divide and conquer” successes in everything from school teams to country identities? Do You want the planet to coexist? Perhaps You might consider the Ethical...
  11. H

    Spiritual parasites

    I was searching for information regarding spiritual parasites as I recently had a client with one. It was very very difficult to remove, but I did manage thanks to a friend in BC who assisted me by distance. I have removed a lot of ugly things in my time and some very strong demons but this...
  12. R

    Lebanese celebrate ‘Resistance and Liberation Day’

    On May 25th. Lebanese celebrated 12th anniversary of liberation of South Lebanon from Israeli occupation forces and their Christian (Phalangists) collaborators. Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, fought the Jewish invaders and their Christian agents for nearly 22 year and finally forced...
  13. White Rabbit

    Gorillas... 98.6% Human or Humans... 98.6% Gorilla

    I found this video fascinating, I just want to share with everybody on the site. This video is about a team of explorers that go to Rwanda to see different families of mountain gorillas or silverbacks. They demonstrate in this video how silverbacks are not aggressive as they are portrayed in...
  14. R

    US: ‘How we honor thee crooks’

    Last November, former Citigroup CEO, Sanford Weill, a Zionist Jew sold his 6,744 sq.ft. apartment at 15 Central Park West for $88 million asking price to Russian Jewish billionaire Dmitriy Rybolovlev’s daughter Ekaterina. The Time Magazine has listed Sanford Weill who retired shortly before the...
  15. New UFO Hunter

    The Real Story Behind Aliens, UFOs, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism

    This is an excellent video and adopts more knowledge about how we've been tricked, exactly what the heavy hands of government does in subverting our freedoms, sending our kids to die in wars contrived to ensure they have money, and what is behind this:
  16. Denise

    Vaccination linked to autism (again) in new study

    Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms If vaccines play absolutely no role in the development of childhood autism, a claim made by many medical authorities today, then why are some of the most popular vaccines commonly administered to...
  17. R

    Son of Holocaust survivors loves Iran

    Elias Davidsson is a computer engineer, Piano teacher, writer and peace activist. He was born in Palestine in 1941 to German Jewish parents. He has lived in the US, Iceland, France and since 2008 has been living in Germany. Elias Davidsson regards himself anti-Zionist and rejects the existence...
  18. White Rabbit

    Keshe Foundation gives free energy and other technology to ALL countries

    On the 21st of the April 2012 in the first international presentation at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Foundation did start the full transfer of technologies to world governments. The Keshe Foundation through its ethos of world equality did organise and executed the first of...
  19. White Rabbit

    Oakland police may face sanctions over handling of Occupy protests (May 2, 2012)

    By Mary Slosson Wed May 2, 2012 12:24am EDT A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the city of Oakland and its police department to submit a plan within a week to address a backlog of complaints stemming from their handling of Occupy protests, threatening sanctions if they fail to do so. The...
  20. Lady of Light

    [Inspiring] A Conversation Between A Professor Of Science And His Student (Albert Einstein?) On Faith And God

    I found this floating around on Facebook, and I thought it should be shared here. “Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ? Student : Yes, sir. Professor: So, you believe in GOD ? Student : Absolutely, sir. Professor : Is GOD good ? Student : Sure. Professor: Is GOD all...