1. New UFO Hunter

    US Navy Sub Fleet - USO travelling at 150 knots 20000 feet under water - multiple sonar data - 1963

    To give some examples of todays submarine capabilities check out the following data; World War II German U-boats had estimated collapse depths of 200 to 280 metres or 660 to 920 feet. Collapse Depth of a Type XXIII U-Boat is 180 meters or 591 feet with a max speed of 9.7 knots surfaced and...
  2. J

    How many Scientist have ask," could the earth possibly be hollow?

    Many truths over the ages have hastily been rejected but later embraced as proof became more evident.campbelp what is the effective working depth of the most powerful seismgraph?cosmic voyager what scientific method was used to disprove hollow earth?