1. S

    Hello, all ye Unhypnotized!

    Hello! And thank you for your gracious welcome, Lady of Light. We certainly need all the help we can get to awaken to the reality of what we are facing now and in the future. I am a student of a phenomenal lifetime program of study designed to prepare us to successfully and fearlessly meet the...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Obama to support Internet wiretapping program

    Published on 9 May 2013 There's been a lot happening on the technology front this week: from the newest piece of cyber legislation designed to keep copyright pirates at bay, to potential government- mandated Internet backdoors designed to monitor your moves online and beyond. Hemanshu Nigam...
  3. 100th Monkey

    Military Mosquito Robots Collecting DNA & Blood!

    Last week I read an article about genetically modified mosquito's designed to spread the malaria vaccine and effectively kill off the babies of the mutated mosquito strains through a progenitor gene. Now I read about miniature mosquito's and can't help but wonder what they have been designed...
  4. New UFO Hunter

    UFO SIGHTING - Clearwater Florida - June 30 2011

    Easy to dismiss because of the result of the cars and along the film. However, I question if people may not continue normally in cases like this. We're so designed to follow along with the lights and never endure the traffic. Nevertheless a little suspect regrettably.