1. Denise

    Ketogenic Diet Beats Chemo For Almost All Cancers

    Just another cancer treatment alternative, good to keep track of all of our options! Dr. Thomas Seyfried: "Cancer is a metabolic disease that can be treated with ketogenic diet" Cancer scientist Dr. Thomas Seyfried Samantha ChangCelebrity Fitness and Health Examiner Source...
  2. Denise

    Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism

    I wonder does the MMR make the children sensitive to gluten and dairy? Source
  3. 100th Monkey

    Tommy Chong Is Now 99% Cancer Free Using Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil and new diet

    Just another example of proof that there are cures out there!
  4. Denise

    Minding Your Mitochondria Ted Talk

    Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. Using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.
  5. Unhypnotized

    Danger of a junk food diet for children: Study reveals toddlers who eat more chips, crisps, biscuits and pizza have lower IQ

    JENNY HOPE UK Daily Mail Feb 8, 2011 Toddlers fed a diet of junk food can suffer lasting damage to their brainpower, researchers warn. Children who eat more chips, crisps, biscuits and pizza before the age of three have a lower IQ five years later, a study showed. The difference could be as...
  6. U

    Detoxification diet?

    In this modern world, we are constantly facing encounter with toxicity in our day today life. We can only protect our health by use of healing diet. What do you think a balanced detoxification diet should consist of?