1. Lionnessalone

    [Confused!] Sleeping trance or Warning for a storm to come. (Rattlesnake bites)

    Sometimes when I am starting to drift off to sleep I go into a trance, I was laying here and I was staring at the floor, the more I let go of my mind and thoughts the closer the floor got in my minds eye. I finally dozed but the one thing I hate the most is a nightmare I cannot understand or...
  2. 2

    [Must Watch!] This is funny

    I was looking for something light and funny to post and I found this one. Hope you all get some giggles out of this one. I wonder if that dog is tired after it wakes up.
  3. 100th Monkey

    Mystery 'beast' washes up on Wales coast - Montauk monster

    This looks a lot like the Montauk monster. It's the mystery beast of South Wales and it has washed up on a beach on the Pembrokeshire coast. The creature which appears to have the face of a horse, the body of a pig and the claws of a bear was spotted by local Peter Bailey as he walked his...
  4. 2

    [Awesome!] That Dog can Dance!!

    Ran across this today thought I'd share enjoy. :) Every now and then I think we can use a little humor.
  5. G

    ghosts in house

    here's a story that was told to me. one time my cousin was in his house and everyone was there and the power went out and there dog was just standing up like if someone was there
  6. Lady of Light

    I Don't Call Them Ghosts, I Call Them Other Frequency Beings

    This is mainly a post in response to Gypsy about the brown furry friend seen around me, but it is also to give some relief to others who may be experiencing similar things. Lately,ever since March of this year (2012) when I fully opened up and have been shining my light more brightly to be...
  7. Unhypnotized

    DNA database will be used to catch out owners who refuse to clean up their dog mess

    UK Daily Mail April 11, 2011 The ‘millionaires playground’ Italian island of Capri will use a DNA database to identify pet owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs. The Mayor of Capri, Ciro Lembo, has announced plans for a ‘CSI-style’ DNA database to catch the owners of dogs who soil the...

    Love me, love my dog, say Briton

    Britons are famously devoted to their pets but a new survey ahead of Valentine's Day shows their furry friends may be standing in the way of love. Eighty percent of dog owners for example said they would not date someone who didn't like their pet and nearly 20 percent of the 3,000 pet owners...

    Stumpy legged pink dog

    A guy walks into a bar with his dog on a leash. The barman says, “Geez that's a weird dog: he's stumpy-legged, pink, and doesn't have a tail. I bet my rottweiler would beat the heck out of it.” 50 bucks is laid down. Out in the yard the rottweiler gets mauled to pieces. Another drinker says...
  10. Truth Vibrations

    B.C. man arrested after puppy beaten, killed

    Victoria police have arrested a 24-year-old man after finding a three-month-old pit bull beaten to death in a hotel room on Saturday. Police were called to the hotel at about 1 a.m. PT after guests reported hearing a puppy cry while it was being beaten. Officers found the puppy motionless on...
  11. Truth Vibrations

    Dog shot 6 times in head An Indiana family's pet dog was shot and killed. The chocolate lab named Moose, who is also a hunting dog, was shot and killed Tuesday night when he wandered onto...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Roof-loving dog climbs ladder The dog of a roofing contractor taught himself to climb up a ladder to spend more time with his master.
  13. CASPER

    Coloring Book

    Each picture is heartbreakingly banal, a kitten and a ball of yarn, a dog and bone. The paper is cheap, easily torn. A coloring book's authority is derived from its heavy black lines as unalterable as the Ten Commandments within which minor decisions are possible: the dog black and white, the...
  14. Unhypnotized

    All puppies to be microchipped according to new recommendations to Defra

    Laura Roberts London Telegraph Thursday, January 14, 2009 Dog owners could be forced to register their pets following the latest recommendations made to Defra in a report commissioned by the Kennel Club. An independent inquiry into dog breeding recommended that all puppies be microchipped...