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    Dubai: Not a bad place for adultery

    On July 22, the Times of Israel reported that Marte Deborah Dalelv, 24, a Norwegian interior-design consultant was “pardoned” by Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. She was sentenced to 16-month jail by a Dubai court on chrages of adultery and consuming alcohol. “I’m very, very...
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    Israel’s ‘Blood Diamonds’ in Dubai

    In May 2013, as result of the Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds campaign, Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) announced that it would not be sending a delegation to US-Israel sponsored International Diamond Week, to be held in Tel Aviv during August 26-29, 2013. Inspite of Arab League’s boycott of...

    Burj Al Arab - Dubai

    Burj Al Arab - Dubai The Canadian Press Upon entering from your private elevator, you'll see a rotating four-post canopy bed which allows you to keep an eye on every piece of exquisite mahogany furniture in the two-story Royal Suite. But the C$19,000 a night accommodation isn't just for...
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    Oil anker in collision and burning off Dubai

    Oil tanker in collision and burning off Dubai Oil tanker in collision and burning off Dubai - Yahoo!7 News. DUBAI (Reuters) - An oil tanker carrying around $9 million (6 million pounds) worth of petroleum products was in collision with a container vessel off the Dubai coast on Tuesday, setting...