1. Truth Vibrations

    Window of Great Change; Drunvalo's February Mesage

    I found this interesting:
  2. Hewy

    [Must Read!] What are the arguments for the Hollow Earth theory?

    What are the arguments for the Hollow Earth theory? I have heard about it before but it sounds too... odd, to be true, so what are the arguments?
  3. 2

    [Attention] ‘Earth Will Have 15 Minutes To Protect Electronics’

    Well, I don't know about the validity of WND, but . . .could this be an attempt at a False Flag event to take down our power grid, and gain complet control? I have heard of the plasma cloud, and they keep having these warnings off and on about the sun. I jusy wonder, nothing is as it seems is...
  4. I

    TheLastProphet527,ImmortalGemini527,UndercoverGemi ni527,ImmortalLegend527,etc etc. Has

    Made a home on a distant site near the Orion Belt called… ‘Unhypnotize’. The last prophet on this earth has abandoned 11 other sites because the government has infiltrated those sites as well as 2 TV channels that have stolen and written everything he has said in the course of 12 years. The...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Bolivia creates Law of Mother Earth

    This is part of the plan.
  6. 2

    [Must Read!] Could this be a set for something manmade

    I know that stuff could happen with the sun, but they keep having these reports from time to time with it could it be possible set up for something manmade to happen and blame the sun on it? People shouldn't be made to be afraid of the sun, without it there's no life. Solar Flares Closing In...
  7. Y

    Actual reality

    The prophet peace be upon him says: (day of resurrection will not come till money increases between you ... 1 - Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him told us about many signs for the imminence of day of resurrection as he said: (one of these signs is that money will increase and trade will...
  8. 2

    [Wow!] Anything to Make Money off the Sheeple:Global Warming the Next 9/11

    John Kerry: Global Warming Is The Next 9/11 - Business Insider Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming - Why would this be a news link to Business Insider on the popular website Drudge Report, considering the date the Article was written. There is mixed...
  9. I

    The Black and out.

    So here I am...traveling a certain frequencies that I haven’t gone back to in about 3 years. I went to, and through these frequencies because of something Linda brown said about spaceships blinking and interdimensional space travel, and other stuff in which I haven’t seen in the future, or the...
  10. R

    Pastor: ‘Jesus is not returning to earth’

    Yesterday, I found an article written by a retired US Baptist minister Rev. Howard Bess, who lives in Palmer (Alska). In the article Bess challenges Christianity’s belief in the ’Advent‘ or the second-coming of Christ as a ‘Savior’. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which...
  11. L

    [ALERT!] Must read !!!

    This is another incredible article. LONG, but important. This is in the latest Ascension with Mother Earth newsletter Ascension Journeys: Releasing New Age Ascension Myths URGE everyone to read it. This might be what 2012 is all about. Finally learning the truth and the reason for Starseeds and...
  12. 100th Monkey

    Something is moving toward the Earth Now!

    Stereo A caught a strande object moving in the general direction of Earth.
  13. Truth Vibrations

    'Super-Earth' with life-supporting climate discovered

    A ''super-Earth'' that could have a life-supporting climate has been discovered in a multi-world solar system 42 light years from the Sun. The planet, which is several times more massive than the Earth, lies just the right distance from its star to allow the existence of liquid surface water...
  14. L

    [FYI] VERY interesting info on entities

    Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs Scroll down to the video titled Extraterrestrial Interference - The Suppressed History of Planet Earth - Interview with Shaay REALLY interesting stuff, worth listening to and thinking about.
  15. Truth Vibrations

    New "Earth like" planet discovered a mere 42 light years away

    Astronomers have detected an alien planet that may be capable of supporting life as we know it — and it's just a stone's throw from Earth in the cosmic scheme of things. The newfound exoplanet, a so-called "super-Earth" called HD 40307g, is located inside its host star's habitable zone, a...
  16. 100th Monkey

    Earth is flat, it is not round. We are being brainwashed by TV, media, news, Annunaki, Illuminati, TPTB

    According to this website: What do you think?
  17. R

    Jesus’ Gospels keep popping up!

    Professor Karen L. King (Harvard Divinty School) has claimed that she had found an unreported secret of Jesus’ life; he had a wife? She has identified a scrap of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century claiming Jesus had a wife. Interestingly, though Dr. King showed the...
  18. Unhypnotize

    My Favourite Book List, and Yours?

    My Favourite Book List, and Yours? I have a list of my favourite books to share; it is growing. It covers areas like spiritual science, hypnosis, astral projection, parapsychology, channelling, spirituality, ETs, meditation, remote viewing, education psychology, micro-expression, self-help...
  19. 2

    [Must Read!] Asteroid to come close 13th/14th Sept 2012

    Well two weeks ago FX had 2012 and then Armageddon. I always wonder, if these networks are trying to tell us something. These two movies are certainly the most played this year, I think. Don't quote me. I do know that NASA awhile back stated they would not even if they knew tell us of a mass...