1. Truth Vibrations

    The Jordan Maxwell Show Episode 1

  2. Truth Vibrations

    Jessie Ventura Season 3 Episode 7, The Ozarks.

    http://vimeo.com/54812859 Season 3 Episode 7 of Jessie Ventura's Conspiracy Theory: "The Ozarks" This is the first episode of this show I have watched. It wasn't exactly 'in depth' but had some interesting footage of an above ground fortress and a huge underground facility.
  3. Denise

    That's Impossible - Episode 6 MIND CONTROL

    This is just something everyone should be aware of. That's Impossible - Episode 06: Mind Control History Channel, Jon Alon Walz, Kevin Commins, John Ealer (director), Jonathan Frakes (narrator)

    Doctor Who (2005) Season 3 Episode 10 : Blink

    Oh, my, god! This has got to be the best episode of Doctor Who ever made to date! "Don't even blink!" Although the creepiest episode, it makes me laugh at the defense these angels have. Ooh, they send you back in time, sooo scary. Ok, they are scary if you see them not in the standard weeping...

    Doctor Who (2005) Season 1 Episode 7: The Long Game

    Oh, my god. This episode has sooo much to say about the way things are being run here on earth right now. The show is set some 20,000 years in the future, on some TV station. Things are being completely controlled by the top floor which no one is allowed to see or go to. The guy in charge is...
  6. M

    Digital Nation

    Just finishing this latest Frontline Episode. At the same time their was a previous Frontline episode (Growing Up Online). Which I also watched as well. Both were interesting. As for me I'm torn on this because I love both worlds.