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    David icke & gandhi: Non-compliance

    "sick insane and evil goverments need sick insane and evil .gimps in service."
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    Hello, My name is Robin and I'm from the netherlands. I'm a student in languages and my political preference would either be Communist, Fascist or Republican. Since I am one to believe the cake is the lie of a greater evil, I think I'll do well here. Feel free to ask any questions, within norms...

    Conspiracy Secret Evil Of 911 - Sept 11 Documentary part 1

    Secret Evil Of 911

    The Rule

    Discipline. Free will Doesn't mean freewheel. But what about Eros? Let Eros harrow whom he will. I have sipped my sip And poisoned the well. I am well pleased with my thirst. I know my thirst no evil. You'll die of thirst, Amit. If the salt sea wills.