1. Truth Vibrations

    New 2013 'Ron Paul Channel' [HD] Explained by Ron Paul

  2. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - The EU Dictatorship - Never Was Meant To Be a 'Democracy' - 22 Oct 2009

    David explained the EU agenda from Red Ice radio:
  3. Unhypnotized

    The JP Morgue Whistleblowers Are Back

    Tyler Durden Zero Hedge Friday, December 24, 2010 Promptly after those two cuddly bears explained how the JP Morgue is manipulating the silver market, and the xtranormal video went viral, forcing the FT to release an indemnification that “according to sources” JPM had covered a major portion of...
  4. Unhypnotized

    The "Galactic federation of light" deception