1. White Rabbit

    Full Version - Corrupt Freemasons Exposed! 'Inside The Brotherhood'

    IMO this is one on the best non-religious documentary on the subject of Secret Societies.
  2. 100th Monkey

    The Satanic HIVE Mind Exposed (Video)

    The Satanic HIVE Mind Exposed
  3. Boiling Frog

    Dane Wigington - Geoengineering Activist

    This video has very important info, lots of truths are exposed.
  4. Denise


    Standing up for whats right! "... Amber Lyon [a modern day heroine] story is just the latest in a series of articles that expose the total Joseph Goebbels like censorship rampant in mainstream media today. The first one I posted several weeks ago exposed how the NY Times basically just...
  5. 100th Monkey

    The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi..!

    The Truth About Muammar Gaddafi (The ELITE Exposed) Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati and was the reason why he was killed is here!
  6. 100th Monkey

    Ron Paul Exposed?

  7. 100th Monkey

    Occupy My Tear Gas You Will EXPOSED! Get the word out. These are staged !

  8. Denise

    Coca-Cola Exposed! Killer Cola

    You won't ever take a look at a can of Coke exactly the same way after having seen this documentary.
  9. Lady of Light

    Breaking AMAZING News caster tells people,goverment satanists exposed..

    Amazing, MSM are starting to wake up!
  10. R

    United nations exposed

    Some video footage on the very corrupt UN....
  11. R

    Freemason/Illuminati Movies,TV Shows,Music,Videogames exposed Part 1 to 8

  12. R

    Chemtrail Proof - German Military Exposed.

    News reporting chemtrails.