1. New UFO Hunter

    UFOs making an extreme change of direction!

    The very short video clip shows an extreme change of direction, stars cannot perform!

    US sees $32 bn in 2011 weather-related losses

    Extreme weather across the United States, from huge floods to deadly tornadoes, has led to $32 billion in economic losses so far this year, the director of the National Weather Service said Thursday. "It has been a costly year for extreme weather," Jack Hayes told reporters on a teleconference...
  3. Lady of Light

    (dutchsinse) extreme weather prediction for Western Australia

    Latest dutchsinse report alerts of possible extreme climate conditions across the WA shoreline in near future!
  4. Corey

    Debunking Chemtrails?

    Is it even possible to debunk existence of chemtrails anymore? I think now the only question is who is actually polluting our sky and why. Some recent images of chemtrails are extreme.