1. Lionnessalone

    [Help!] is everyone a snake among the grass?

    I just recently found, that my best friend in the world, who I have known all my life. Is a snake... my heart is hurt because she has been the only one to be there for me throughout my whole life... how do you get over something like that... I'm heartbroken how can you trust someone who's only...
  2. Lady of Light

    Losing Friends Over Thoughts and Opinions

    You should never be afraid to state your thoughts and opinions for fear you will lose a friend. If you lose a friend over an opinion, belief, or "statement, then that person wasn't really your friend in the first place." If your opinion on a topic is different than that of your friend, and...
  3. 2

    Still Skeptical? Hopefully a little more open-minded.

    My friend who is a skeptic, (when it comes to things like the paranormal) and is like a mother to me finally had a paranormal experience. It was Thursday and she was watching tv, when she all of sudden saw her Aunt who had just passed this year standing in front of an impressionistic type...
  4. 2

    [Question?] My friends dreams and(msgs to me everything happens for a reason)

    My friend got the call Mon evening that she never wanted to get. Her great-aunt and godmother had passed at 99. Now the reason why I mention this is she thinks the dream (she very rarely remembers her dreams) but off and on for the last 3 days, she's been dreaming of an old man that has the...
  5. 2

    [Update!] Friends Medical Situation

    Well over a week now we've been trying to get refills for my friend, now the "good" dr, told the pharmacist she never received the fax, but was aware of the situation, and was going to make a "decision". Now she knows i'm sure of my friends current predicament, unless one of those girls in the...
  6. Pat M's friend

    Merry Christmass to my loyal true friend ImmortalGemini527: A present for you *<:-)

  7. 2

    [Update!] how things are going

    Well Friday was rather an upsetting day. My friend was about to be discharged from the Home Health Care service provided by the hospital. Her Occupational was going to do the discharge when she took the vitals. (This person is very nice she's the one gave us some Borax for the roaches we got...
  8. FACE33

    Blonde Rolls Back The Odometer

    Blonde Rolls Back The Odometer A blonde wanted to sell her car, but couldn't find any buyers. She called her friend for advice, and her friend asked her how many miles she had on her car. "235,000 miles." Her friend told her that was the problem. But the blonde's friend told her that her...
  9. R

    Russian woman held for eating friend: report

    Russian woman held for eating friend: report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOSCOW (AFP) - A woman from Russia's Siberian region of Irkutsk has been arrested for killing a friend and then eating part of the corpse, Interfax news agency...