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    Vision for the G20

    From World Economic Forum http://www.weforum.org/videos/vision-g20?fo=1 so what do you think?
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    (2010 MOVIE) Toronto G20 EXPOSED (Full-Length) - Graphic Police Excesses

    This is the 2Hr 14Mins Complete Full Documentary Toronto G20 Exposed - The Movie. Graphic Toronto G-20 Police Excesses..! Lets be clear we all support good police officers and by no means are the conduct of the unlawful acts done by a minority of G20 police officers reflective to the...
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    Amnesty International Calls For Public Inquiry Into G20 Policing

    Hilary Homes Amnesty International July 1, 2010 Dear Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty, We are writing on behalf of the more than 80,000 members of Amnesty International across Canada to urge that you work together to launch an independent review of the security measures adopted and...
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    Small army to protect Toronto during G20 summit

    Colin Freeze Globe & Mail April 7, 2010 Police forces have entered into an alliance to deal with the threat of violent protest at Toronto’s G20 summit with as many as 10,000 uniformed officers and 1,000 private security guards teaming up to protect world leaders. Federal contract tenders...
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    G20 protesters blasted by sonic cannon.

    G20 protesters blasted by sonic cannon. guardian.co.uk. September 26th, 2009 US police spark outrage by using wartime acoustic weapon to disperse G20 protesters in Pittsburgh. Only a few hundreds protesters took to the streets of Pittsburgh to mark the opening day of the G20 summit of...