1. Lady of Light

    Logic Often Lacks Common Sense - Lady of Light

    "Many times when logic steps in, common sense takes a holiday." - Lady of Light Logic and Common Sense do not go hand in hand. Logic is what is taught as a way of thinking to come to a conclusion, whereas Common Sense is a natural way to come to a conclusion. Logic is not always the right...
  2. 100th Monkey

    Martial Law in the next 2 or 3 months in US?

    Posted Dec 30th, 2012 A North Carolina police lieutenant explains to Pastor Butch Paugh his first hand knowledge of upcoming training exercises designed against American citizens. Source: http://activist-post-forum.947009.n3...td4025677.html

    The Stairs

    The Stairs The stairs are neither going up nor coming down. This could be done if done slowly. She puts the left foot down and then the right, coming to rest on each step, each little stage. Ah, she has arrived again on this small platform. She grips the rail with her left hand, the palm of her...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Barbara Hand Clow - The Nine Dimensions

    Barbara Hand Clow - The Nine Dimensions : www.blogtalkradio.com/awakeningzone4/201...out-the-coming-times

    Tramp in Flames

    Some similes act like heat shields for re-entry to reality: a tramp in flames on the floor. We can say Flame on! to invoke the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. We can switch to art and imagine Dali at this latitude doing CCTV surrealism. We could compare him to a protest monk sat up the way...

    My Lost Needle

    Never had I desire to mend hems or dangling buttons, but tonight, though I can no longer easy aim the frayed end into the eye, though we squint, needle and I, at each other, and my hand trembles, yet feels true the needle between my fingers...

    Despond: A Slough

    I am a prodigy of despair. In the womb I wailed the maternal night away, gurgling like a monkfish under water. My Francophile parents nicknamed me "Triste," although my schoolmates called me "Killjoy." At age ten I wrote a book of epigrams titled Despond: A Slough. Sample: "Time teaches us that...


    You lean disconsolate on your stool, Sullen and certain As minor royalty rusticated to this Unhelpful climate of solvents, gaskets, pliers, and bolts. Because they are new and manifold and useful You feel their whispers against you. The staunch...
  9. R


    Interesting website:ricklbert Liberty Conspiracy | We believe in the Invisible Hand and the Broken Window...