1. 100th Monkey

    Batteryman a human electrical conduit

    This man is a human battery and can even cook food, like hotdogs in his hands. He is also immune from electrocution. http://vimeo.com/38313889
  2. P


    Hello my new platform to share honestly about anything. I have quite a lot to bring and it is connected to the threads I have seen of IanChris and DavidM in London to do with Illuminati Frank. I am still suffering at the hands of these delightful people all due to a not so classy broad name...
  3. Denise

    The armless carpenter

    This guy can do stuff with his legs and feet that most people can't do with their arms and hands.

    Money Talks

    1 Money is talking to itself again in this season's bondage and safari look, its closeout camouflage. Hit the refresh button and this is what you get, money pretending that its hands are tied. 2 On a billboard by the 880, money admonishes, "Shut up and play."

    Past the Cemetery

    It's nice here on the shady side of the street. Our small, outdoor table Faces a building Golden with late afternoon sunlight Under a cloudless summer sky. Together with daily horrors, Life doles out these small pleasures: A platter of raw oysters on ice, A ripe lemon sliced in half, And a...

    Description of a Badly Drawn Horse

    The horse's head looks more like the butt end of an oar, squared off and wooden the way an animal's is not. Its mane is mangy; the mouth toothy; one white eye is wild. The legs tangle at wrong angles and the body seems short. This was a horse to shoot, but I sharpened my pencil instead, and...
  7. M

    Fear of germs, visitation restrictions, etc

    Germs: Why do we as an society, today fear germs more then as societies in the past were? Saw this thread on hand washing on another forum that I belong to awhile back and wanted to post the questions and my answers to this. What an interesting thread. 1. How often do you wash your hands...