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    DECEMBER 21, 2012: ARE THESE TWO PART OF THE PROPHESIES REFERRED TO BY MANY SPIRITUAL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE FOR THE LAST SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS? READ ON: Home Page the miraculous story of their births and the hawks that became white after they were born More Information
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    Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles

    This is the bonus interview found on "The Science and Miracles" DVD.
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    Red Elk Teachings

    Red Elk's Vision Red Elk is an intertribal Medicine man and Heyoki elder, a member of the Twisited hair Society he fasted for 60 days and was given a vision which he shared with the world part one on coast to coast Inter-Tribal Medicine Man Red Elk touched on such topics as Bigfoot...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Hopi Prophecy Speech (1986)

    2012 is not mentioned in the video.... Transcript (At the bottom): http://www.crystalinks.com/hopi2.html Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare video part 1.avi Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare video part 2.avi (Chemtrails? Internet?) Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare video part 3.avi Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare...
  5. Lady of Light

    When is it my turn?

    I long for the day that I will get contacted by a benevolent ET. I have always longed for contact as a child. I only saw a UFO once when I was about 10 years old. But that was it. I have always been fascinated with Orion for some reason and I don't know why. I am beginning to believe that is...
  6. Rumas

    Nibiru - UFO 2012 Mount Weather Employee CONFESSIONAL

    On Jan 11th 2009 This video was added to youtube from a suposive Mount Weather Employee confirming the inbound Nibiru. Who knows if this is real, but watch this before YouTube removes it. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. The view count already looks to be manipulated. As this is a big topic...