1. White Rabbit

    The first footage of a Comet Smashing into the Sun..!

    Jan 19, 2012 For the first time ever, scientists have witnessed and recorded a comet disintegrating in the Sun's atmosphere. The icy body — dubbed "comet C/2011 N3 (SOHO)" — was originally observed back in July. Today, the team that observed the comet flaming out of existence has published...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Atmosphere on Venus Discovered

    Proof of possible live on Venus? Venus springs ozone layer surprise By Jennifer Carpenter Science reporter, BBC News Artist's impression of the detection of ozone on Venus' night side Continue reading the main story Related Stories Venus 'still volcanically active' Ozone has 'strong climate...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space 2-15-11

    You know how you sometimes can sense that something is present even though you can't see it? Well, astronomers are getting that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space. And when we say giant, we mean GIANT. Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Methane on Mars: The never-ending search for life on Mars continues

    TOWARDS the end of 2011 a large and hugely expensive robotic rover called Curiosity is due to blast off for Mars from Cape Canaveral. If it makes it safely to the planet’s surface in August 2012 (getting down from orbit in one piece has not always proved easy for space probes) one of the...