1. New UFO Hunter

    'Bigfoot' print found in Ohio back yard

    But no one saw him? Source: ?Big Foot? Print in Ohio Back Yard - ABC News

    Good-bad Zazen

    Why would anyone want to sit cross-legged for an hour a day, motionless, every itch unscratched, striving for clear mind, fighting sleep? Right now I'm part human, part dog, part hungry ghost, part bodhisattva, longing for the afternoon I'm already in. Around me the whole dark immediate forest...

    At Mt. Lebanon Cemetery

    At Mt. Lebanon Cemetery snow covered the stones. Footprints told their familiar story over and over. This afternoon we stood in half circles holding hands like strings of paper silhouettes unfolded. In the parking lot, cars would come and go, unsettling the melting snow that puddles now. Over...