1. Truth Vibrations

    'The New NSA iPhone' Apple iPhone iOS 7 [NwoSatire]

  2. 100th Monkey

    How Apple let a hacker remotely wipe an iPhone, iPad, MacBook

    From zdnet.com, the story of how a user's data on his iPhone, iPad and Mac were lost and his accounts hacked:On Friday, I wrote about how Gizmodo's Twitter account was hacked. It turns out that this was Apple's fault. Let's take a step back. Over the weekend, it quickly became clear that the...

    Japan iPhone craze attracts global app developers

    TOKYO – The iPhone's popularity in Japan is cracking open an industry long thought inaccessible to outsiders. For years, the typical Japanese cell phone — built to operate on a network hardly used anywhere else in the world — has been stuffed with quirky games and other applications that cater...